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    • It's a great idea to add some weapons. Especially if you compare the diversity of weapons for other character classes and for RF.I am afraid that ( Yes, I know that the final server settings are not yet specified yet. ) considering the fact that most of the skills for this character class, as well as the character itself, are available from high - at the theoretical level of exp . This may cause a small interest among the players among the players and very large disproportions in terms of time in reaching the maximum level.
      Either way, I am looking forward to the final information about the server settings.  
    • Hello everyone, as you can see, we're still working on the website, forums and for sure - with our game server. Some time ago we've got an new update but unfortunately, update introduced a lot of other problems that could destroy the game. Of course, everything is fine for this moment and we're still looking for hidden bugs to give you most stable, long-life and enjoyable PVP (yes, full PVP) MUOnline adventure. Here are some details about what has been changed in the last update if we're talking about fixes: Fixed problems with custom NPC's - they shouldn't make disconnects anymore Fixed problems with Third Wings Mix - when mix is failed, items are disapeared Fixed Offline Mode - some SkillTree skills don't work correctly, everything fine now Fixed Party Search occasional disconnect and crash GS - fully fixed Fixed new Bows and CrossBows support - now we can add some good stuff Fixed MGBonusDefense - bad formula latest time, now MG is fully configurable and stable Fixed Moss Marechant location - now with configuration file - sometimes he was un-clickable, now it's ok Some small but important fixes in server files was made, to improve stability Here you can find some new things about latest update and our server status: Added full support for Rage Fighter Gauntlets - now we can add some AA Gauntlets, what do you think? Added Monster Spawn Custom - new events, spawning monsters from books etc. alot of fun Added Buff Icon System - now every buffs are supported and will be showing on the top-left in-game! Added Crafting everywhere - run Chaos Machine from everywhere (new User Control Panel function) New recoded User Control Panel - faster, better and more flexible New Offline Mode Restore System - reconnect automatically when account is disconnected with no reason New Quest System - you can get additional Points (into stats) for doing Quests - more info. soon Some disabled things: Reset System - no need anymore Grand Reset System - same here, we're doing other stuff Chaos Reset Token - yeah... love you all but nope, not for now Wait for more informations soon, we've got alot of work to totally re-configure the server type into PVP. New changelog about that what changes we made in-game will be available soon. Follow us on forums, join, test and more. We want to make everyone happy so every discussion here will be great. With Love,
    • This topic is outdated, please find out how new UCP looks now.
    • Land Of Chaos launcher is available in "Download" category. RSS Feed (Most important topics) from our forums Force File Check - you can use this option when something goes wrong if you're modyfing game-client at own or anti-virus will delete some important .dll files. Launcher will check files and after that download missing or broken one More resolutions - resolution options so you can choose your best Quick links - for facebook, server homepage and community forums Server time - on launcher in top right corner
    • Put these items into the Chaos Machine to get a random part of the Evolved Sets Items. Items are random, you cant mix items for every class. It’s not possible to mix specific item for your class. Recipe for forging random part of Evolved Set ID. Item name Amount Success rate 1. Legendary, Dragon, Guardian, Light Plate, Storm Crow, Violent Wind or Sacred Fire Set parts (1 part  min. +Opt +L) 1 - 2. Jewel Of Chaos 1 - 3. Evolution Stone 1 - 4. Zen 500 000 - Reward Evolved Set Part (random part for random class) 1 60%