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  4. I don't really know but you mean but if you mean Awakened Lupa boost then i'm in. Lupa is probably only place where we can somehow "farm" EXP, but with actual rates it's pretty useless after we hit 100 lv. Awakened Artifact.
  5. Hello, here you can find links to download MU Genesis Game-Client! If any of this links expire please mention me like @Apostle or write PM. Torrent - http://cdn2.mugenesis.to/Installer - MU Genesis - 11.02.2020.torrent MegaNZ - https://mega.nz/file/9tFWHIJK#6hOyznWtbJAzat-mqWyaJ2z4aWzO0HEWZvyV15eVbYQ See ya!
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  7. Tsunami red flames - Neklhokhan soulstone Damage and additional range of damage increased by 40% --------------------------------------------- Meteor drop - orman's furious Change the dmg to 1750% and stun effect , add 1 meteor more. can better change soul stone effects.
  8. Good afternoon Warriors, It's time for your weekly GM event so i tought this week we can do something more chat related, friendly related/ discord related (ofc) , that means we are bringing back the old quiz event Last time was fun and most of you enjoyed it so we will extend the rules a bit, here is what you need to do : 1. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/unePjYw 2. On 4 of July 2020, 20:00 Server Time be online on discord, look for the #quiz-event chat. 3. Your friendly GM DrakkY will ask a number of 20 questions game related, you may answer only ONCE, i
  9. Hola [email protected] Genesis Estaremos implementando una nueva estrategia para avanzar en la toma de decisiones para los futuros balanceos de clases, Recopilaremos sugerencias de todos los jugadores durante un periodo de tiempo establicido dentro del foro. Despues de esto cerraremos el hilo y realizaremos una encuesta para recopilar las opiniones de la comunidad. Los resultados de la encuesta no seran un cambio garantizado, pero ofreceremos una informacion valiosa para ayudar al equipo de Administración. Esta es una plataforma mucho mejor para conservar la información y proporcionar
  10. Better decrease cdr from rufian, not ice wall!
  11. You could snort the magnifying glass awaken to give a reasonable amount of soul xp, as we players are limited to level up because the dungeons have an entry limit
  12. It's not about picking one @Lionel_Messi it's about to select most important ticks.
  13. and if u feel the wm will become scary, well let us enjoy our time killing other classes, as they have done unfairly for 5 months already.
  14. Picking one will not change as much to WarMosquito. The kda ratio of Wm should be improved and be comparable to the other classes. that being said, it is strongly needed to put all the ideas listed there and ofc it was not only Jimzu and Fatal that pushed upon the matter. It is all WM that raised their voices, so please remove the special thanks, as it is a total discrimination to all WM out there!!!
  15. Olá a todos, Estamos implementando uma nova estratégia para avançar na forma como lidamos com as decisões de equilíbrio. Estaremos coletando sugestões de jogadores por um período determinado nos fóruns, depois disso, bloquearemos o tópico e realizaremos uma pesquisa para encontrar a opinião da comunidade. Os resultados da pesquisa não são uma alteração garantida, mas oferecem informações valiosas para ajudar a equipe de administração. Essa é uma plataforma muito melhor para consolidar informações e fornecer um processo de equilíbrio mais eficiente, pois a discórdia é propensa a alterações
  16. Meteor drop :range 17m 》 18m Fire curtain : 405% 》 705%
  17. this is very good, I really hope that ADM takes these changes into account
  18. less cooldown on Bloodfest by 2 seconds , warmage for now is garbage if you compare to phantom and others.. and also damage of bloodfest
  19. Hello mumu's, We are implementing a new strategy moving forward for how we deal with balance decisions. We will be collecting player suggestions for a set period of time on the forums, after this we will lock the thread, and hold a poll to find the community's opinion. Poll results are not a guaranteed change, but they do offer valuable information to assist the administration team. This is a much better platform to consolidate information and provide a more efficient balance process since discord is prone to changes and data loss. If you want your suggestions to be heard, t
  20. Howdy, i've collected most specific suggestion about WarMage class skills balance. Please select top suggestions that in your opinion will improve WarMage PVP and PVE gameplay. also thanks goes to all WarMages Thanks in advance!
  21. SenteApressao


    the same for most characters in the guild Unamed follows prints, it's some red imprint bug and artifact pot and soul pot. it seems that it is a bug that already exists in mu legend(valofe) and the players that are coming from there are managing to take advantage of this bug here.
  22. @Pikachu⚡ for WarMage right-click
  23. Important Talismans: Quadro, Kali, Linda(or Kraemten), Baraex Artifact: Fallen Will Abyss Floor 1: After the DPS classes clear the first room with Invisibility Statues, they wait there while DL moves forward to next room. In the next room DL moves around and gathers the mobs for roughly 30 seconds and then pulls them all together and casts Kali talisman for dps to pretect them from water ghost. Next room DL goes forward to the middle of the room and uses Quadro to gather all mobs in the middle for the DPS to quickly kill them. (if DPS can't do that) DL should pull the mo
  24. 1 - Decrease the animation of the ruffian's sword 2 - Decrease cdr ice wall - 22> 17 sec 3 - Change the first hit of the ice wall to 1.480% and the second to 595 4 - Return the invisible to the time it was before 5 - Maybe a bit speed on Full Throttle would also be interesting The warmage problem was never survival, the invisible immune was exaggerated and that +1 sec in the invisible was also unnecessary!
  25. Make Imperio Academy and fight with each other
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