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  2. Land Of Chaos launcher is available in "Download" category. RSS Feed (Most important topics) from our forums Force File Check - you can use this option when something goes wrong if you're modyfing game-client at own or anti-virus will delete some important .dll files. Launcher will check files and after that download missing or broken one More resolutions - resolution options so you can choose your best Quick links - for facebook, server homepage and community forums Server time - on launcher in top right corner
  3. Hello Mutizens, Brand new Land Of Chaos launcher is available in "Download" category. What's new in this launcher? New, unique LOC design, it's simply and clean RSS Feed (Most important topics) from our forums Better stability - no more stuck when downloading Force File Check - you can use this option when something goes wrong if you're modyfing game-client at own or anti-virus will delete some important .dll files. Launcher will check files and after that download missing or broken one More resolutions - for now there's much more resolution options so you can choose your best Quick links - for facebook, server homepage and community forums Server time - now on launcher in top right corner Hope everyone like it. Enjoy! Apostle
  4. Put these items into the Chaos Machine to get a random part of the Evolved Sets Items. Items are random, you cant mix items for every class. It’s not possible to mix specific item for your class. Recipe for forging random part of Evolved Set ID. Item name Amount Success rate 1. Legendary, Dragon, Guardian, Light Plate, Storm Crow, Violent Wind or Sacred Fire Set parts (1 part min. +Opt +L) 1 - 2. Jewel Of Chaos 1 - 3. Evolution Stone 1 - 4. Zen 500 000 - Reward Evolved Set Part (random part for random class) 1 60%
  5. Questy będziemy dopiero konfigurować. Dopowiem że będzie ich ok. 200, i co kilka questów będziemy mogli zdobyć na stałe pkt. do rozdania, wtedy urozmaici to buildy, zaangażowanie i samo budowanie postaci PVP. Po drodze, zamiast punktów będziemy mogli także zdobyć innego rodzaju przedmioty i bonusy.
  6. Dodam jeszcze ze za pierwszy quest dostaje sie sporą nagrode exelent Hyons helm +4 x3 obczajam dalej
  7. That’s custom Land Of Chaos MUOnline invasion Lizerd monsters appear in: Noria map only Invasion times: 01:10 / 05:10 / 09:10 / 13:10 / 17:10 / 21:10 Monsters per invasion: 5X Lizerd in Noria Rewards for killing the Lizerd (randomly): Jewel Of Bless Jewel Of Soul Jewel Of Life (small chance) Jewel Of Creation (small chance) Small Wings (extra rare)
  8. That’s custom Land Of Chaos MUOnline invasion Wolve monsters appear in: Lorencia map only Invasion times: 00:20 / 04:20 / 08:20 / 12:20 / 16:20 / 20:20 Monsters per invasion: 5X Wolve in Lorencia Rewards for killing the Wolve (randomly): Jewel Of Bless Jewel Of Soul Jewel Of Life (small chance) Jewel Of Creation (small chance) Small Wings (extra rare)
  9. That’s custom Land Of Chaos MUOnline invasion Anubis monsters appear in: Elbeland map only Invasion times: 03:20 / 07:20 / 11:20 / 15:20 / 19:20 / 23:20 Monsters per invasion: 5X Anubis in Elbeland Rewards for killing the Anubis (randomly): Jewel Of Bless Jewel Of Soul Jewel Of Life (small chance) Jewel Of Creation (small chance) Small Wings (extra rare)
  10. Below you will find a list of all topics related to Land Of Chaos guides. Remember, before you ask a question, find out if there is an answer here. General Informations Sample Common Configuration Sample Events and rewards Sample Crafting, forging and mixes Sample Gameplay, UI and commands Sample Items and extras Sample Custom features and addons Sample
  11. There was some suggestions about active events so in few words i want to present you unique Land Of Chaos Happy Hour alternative. We’ve made an advanced config which will help us to develop future events and custom things that will make our game-server active. Hours when Monkeys will appear (UTC+1): 00:00 / 02:00 / 04:00 / 06:00 / 08:00 / 10:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00 / 20:00 / 22:00 Days when Monkeys will appear: Everyday on specified hours • There’s total 4 Monkeys per specified map where we can find them. • 3 groups of 4 Monkeys each appears randomly on specified maps. • There’s 12 Monkeys max in total (appearing randomly on 3 random maps (maps lottery from below)) • Each Monkey will drop one Knowledge Ring with specified time duration. • Monkeys are active only for 10 minutes – after that time, the remaining Monkeys will escape. We can find them on maps (appear randomly when Event appear): Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Lost Tower (1-7), Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Kanturu, Kanturu Relics (1 Monkey), Elbeland, Swamp Of Calmness, La-Clean a’la Raklion. Max maps spawn (12 monkeys – 4 monkeys per map randomly): 3 maps and 4 Monkeys on each Item Reward: Knowledge Ring • Knowledge Ring Bonus: Experiance boost +15% • You can use 2 Rings at the same time (30% bonus in total) • Item Duration: 120 minutes (from the moment we kill monkey) Remember! Monkeys can be found only for 10 minutes after they spawn.
  12. Event aims to collect Coin of Luck that fall across the LOC-MU continent. There are 2 stages of use the Lucky Coin. You can get rewards for three amount of Lucky Coins collected and registered – 10 Lucky Coins, 20 Lucky Coins and 30 Lucky Coins and remember, the more Lucky Coins you’ll exchange at once – the greatest reward you’ll get from Delgado! 1st. stage – collect and “register” lucky coins in NPC Delgado 2nd. stage – “exchange” registered lucky coins in NPC Delgado Lucky Coin Exchange: 10 Lucky Coins: Random invitation for any event (BC 0-8, DS 0-7, Kalima 0-7, Gaion Order, Mirror Of Dimensions) 20 Lucky Coins: Random Bundle Jewels 10x (Bless, Soul, Chaos) and small chance for items: Talisman Of Luck (5%) 30 Lucky Coins: Bundle Jewels 10x (Bless, Soul, Life, Creation, Chaos) and small chance for items: Talisman Of Luck (5-11%), Jewel Of Hope (+Luck), Jewel Of Skill (Add Skill) and Jewel Of Optium (100% life), Jewel Of Forge (+15), Talisman Of Chaos Assembly NPC Delgado is standing in Devias. You can use the “TAB” key map to find out where Delgado is standing. (NPC) Delgado can be found in Devias, before Quest Master.
  13. Chaos Chest is event for active players which are in need of Jewels. Chance for item drop is setted up for 80% so you can get 1-3 jewels randomly from each chest. Each Chaos Chest got only 1HP, so everyone can hunt for them and everyone can get extra Reset Tokens. Chaos Chests will show every 4 hours, from 00:40 Times: 00:40, 04:40, 08:40, 12:40, 16:40, 20:40 Chaos Chest will appear in Atlans – 5 chests per invasion on this map Lost Tower – 5 chests per invasion on this map Tarkan – 5 chests per invasion on this map Aida – 5 chests per invasion on this map
  14. Another great custom thing in our advanced Season 6. The new customs are comming with big steps and here’s another chance to show how active you are. With new website we’re able to get most important informations about points in events, every active player can collect points by playing events like: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle and beign Online in-game. All rewards will be given automatically via website, so points will show in-game when “Weekly reward ranking” will end the week-turn. You can get up to 300 HuntPoints (1st. place) You can get 100 HuntPoints for 10-th place There’s 20 points multiplier. This rewards are giving for: Weekly Blood Castle Ranking, Weekly Devil Square Rankings, Weekly Chaos Castle Rankings, Weekly Online Status. 1st. place: 300 HuntPoints 2nd. place: 280 HuntPoints 3rd. place: 260 HuntPoints 4th. place: 240 HuntPoints 5th. place: 220 HuntPoints 6th. place: 200 HuntPoints 7th. place: 180 HuntPoints 8th. place: 160 HuntPoints 9th. place: 140 HuntPoints 10th. place: 120 HuntPoints Remember to check Rankings how it’s going:
  15. From now you can invite friends and get rewards if objective will be done. How to invite players? It’s easy. Just tell your friend that he need to type your nickname when registering new account. All rewards needs to be managed via website, when “Reffered player” will complete an objective, you need to claim reward via account panel. You can get 150 wCoins for every friend invited Q: What are requirements to invite friend: You need to have atleast 150 level (one character) Q: When i’ll get my bonus points: Invited player must level-up to 200 level (one character)
  16. Event aims to fight in “Chaos Land” the renew “Silent Map”. Every player is fighting with each other, there’re no teams, parties or guilds. All-vs-All event is great way to collect HuntPoints. You can join this event for free Join event via “M” key (move panel) Event will be started once a day Player can get killed up to 10 times before knock-down There’s 5 minutes cooldown and info. before event will be closed There’s 1 minute cooldown before event start (PK Unlock) There’s 8 minutes time to eliminate all rival players There’s 2 minutes cooldown before event will close Here is the "starting" info • LMS [0-5 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:00 • LMS [5-10 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:15 • LMS [10-15 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:30 • LMS [15-20 resets] (LastManStanding) 20:45 • LMS [20-25 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:00 • LMS [25-30 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:15 • LMS [30-35 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:30 • LMS [35-40 resets] (LastManStanding) 21:45 Rewards for Winner: Best player can get up to 400 HuntPoints
  17. Land Of Chaos Client-NONRes

    Version 1.0.0


    Land Of Chaos Client-NONRes
  18. Próbowałem wszystko by sie dziadostwa pozbyć i nie dałem rade nic zrobić
  19. Ja nic nie wiem to tylko pomówienie Wydałem troche zen by poszukać sobie rekawic i było całkiem zadawalające pare razy nawet szok przeżyłem jak mi pare itemków wyszło ale już wszystko poszło w las
  20. Cześć, tak dokładnie, postanowiliśmy że dodamy rękawice dla RF'a pod grupą mieczy. Niestety nie zostało to dobrze sprawdzone przez graczy. Temat będzie ciągle rozwijany, na ten moment to ustawienie z serwera medium, a jak już wiesz, planujemy nores.
  21. Witaj, masz na myśli że Lucky Setu nie można było sprzedać u NPC, czy zniszczyć? PS. Serwer jest cały czas "na chodzie", i najlepsze jest to że Gameserver od tamtej pory ani razu się chyba nie wysypał
  22. Witam Panów i Panie Nie wiem czy dalej macie ten sam silnik co wcześniej, ponieważ testowałem wcześniejszy przez tydzień zanim mi go zamknęliście (dziady) i mogę podać parę bugów które myślę mogą wkurzać Mu helper można odpalić powyżej 50 lvl nie od 10 z lucky setów nie można było usunąć kawałka setu którego nie można używać jak np dla RFa rękawiczki wywalało błąd item jest za drogi reszta już nie ważna bo się zmienił system i nie ma już rr Pozdrawiam
  23. Nie wiem czy powinienem coś tutaj dodać ale jak coś to usunąć bo nie ma tutaj opcji ze można trafić rękawic dla Rfa a jednak można bo się bawiłem pierwszy itemek w sklepie nie pamiętam co to było jako weapon
  24. Land Of Chaos invited the Party Master NPC. Party Master NPC is custom “party lobby” when you can find and even make own public party. You can join the parties from Lorencia bar, party master know where the party leader is so you can easily find him on any location. Another great feature is that you can make you own public party with your own settings. You can setup requirements for your actuall needs. Here’s how Party Master NPC lobby and how it looks like: There’s multiple columns like: player – the name of party leader, map – location where actually leader is farming, X & Y – coordinates for party, count – all players in party, “the warning marker” – you can see what are requirements for party join, join – button for joining to party And here’s how party setting window looks like: There’s multiple settings you can check like maximum level of player, only from your guild, only one class (same like you) or just settings for classes you need in your party for this moment.
  25. It’s extremely rare to turn-on and off options in-game, but not here, not in Land Of Chaos. Our Season 6 got Custom User Control Panel which is giving us possibilities to turn-on/off some in-game things and features. Now easily you can set-up and auto-party, active your character into offline-leveling mode and much more. Here’s the image how it looks: Now some informations about buttons: HP Bar – this option allow you to turn-on/off monsters HP-Bars 3D Camera – just hit the button to active 3D Camera 3D Camera reset – default settings of camera will come back when hit Effects – turn-on/off special effects like blur, anti-alsing, tron-glow Fog – turn-on/off fog effect (depth of field like effect) Time – turn-on/off in-game timer (shown in left bottom corner) OffEXP – easily active offline-leveling for your character (with settings) Pack Jewels – pack custom jewels with this button (with settings) Party Search – you can setup your own auto-party (with settings)
  26. Cherry Blossom Play-Box was enabled and buffs are better on Land Of Chaos. Every buff duration was increased same as stats which special consumables are giving to player. Remember that you can consume only one buff! Do not try to use multiple cherry buffs at once because one buff is deactiving another! Cherry Blossom Wine, Cake and Petal duration is now working for 60 minutes ID. Item name Bonus gained 1. Cherry Blossom Wine 2 000 Mana pts. bonus 2. Cherry Blossom Rice Cake 1 400 Health pts. bonus 3. Cherry Blossom Flower Petal 20% more Damage/Wizardy Buffs can be dropped from Cherry Blossom Play-Box (dropping from 50lv+ monsters) Cherry Blossom Play-Box drops two items for now (randomly) Cherry Blossom Play-Box drops: White Cherry Blossom Branch, Red Cherry Blossom Branch, Golden Cherry Blossom Branch
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