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    Dear MUTizens, for this moment the new website is available. What is new there? Most important change is that whole interactive and possible helpful tools and functions are available in-game, so we don't want to double modules like "Extra Warehouse", "Market" and more things that are actually pretty destructive for community (players on forums, in-game chat) and for security (we've found a couple of bugs which are still not fixed like dupes and items disappearing) so in this state, most of "transfer" or "trade" modules on the website will be turned off to avoid critical bugs or more. But wait... There'll be available couple of great features which can help us only via the website, like Rankings and rewards for "Weekly Rankings", "Referrals System", "Event Timer" and more personal modules like "Hide Info", "Name Changer" or "Class Changer". A website will be still an official news and updates source, like forums and launcher RSS, so everything will be updated here and all data will be legit. Most important thing is that the website will be only one place when we can register accounts. For this moment website is fully working, there are just a couple things to fix. Hope you like the fact that most of the key-functions will be in-game. @Apostle