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    Hello MUTizens, here's we want to share some major info and a little reminder who we are, and what we're doing. Few words about Land Of Chaos, Every guide, info and much more is written on forums in a specified category, as we're planning this will be PVP/Non-Res server with balanced gameplay and drop, every loot will be priceless for our character growth and the most important thing the gameplay will be dynamic as we're giving you a massive amount of invasions, events, and items. Land Of Chaos is classic server project, without any pay-to-win system, without webshop or massive buffs. This is a project for everyone who loves MUOnline so much as we do. Project for peoples which don't have time to spend night in-game and for active players which love to play this game as much as it's possible. The most important thing in Land Of Chaos it's to be ready for various events which are coming to our MUWorld every few minutes. The most important and succesfull way to growth is to be involved when we're online in-game. Beta will be ready soon, We're planning to run open-beta really soon. We've made major changes to game-server, all rates are still in development same like events, invasions or rewards but we're going forward. Next step is to set-up common configuration like Event times, and in-game Events rewards then we can go on with tests. Beta-points will be available just after that, what's this? Beta points are contribution points that you earn by involving yourself during the beta, visit our forums to post reports/suggestions to earn more points. You can see your beta-points under your profile display or in profile settings. Beta-points can be given only by the administration for testing, writing guides, suggestions, bugs and much more. Every work contributed to the game-server will be rewarded. The beta will be done just once so the pre-rewards will be unique and balanced. In addition to the rewards that we will not reveal now every Beta-tester who will gain minimum amount of 500 points will be rewarded with unique BETA-Tester rank on forums and special profile badge for ever. See you soon! @Apostle
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    If you're here because your game-client won't run and don't have any idea how to fix it then you're in a good place. Read this guides carefully so your problem can be fixed really fast. For sure every day we're performing fixes and other fixes that will allow you to join a game without any problems but for some users, this can be impossible without doing it manually. We can't make patches with your OS changes or config your stations but sure we can help. For the beginning of this article, everyone should know that MU-Online game-clients (mostly) is packed with custom .dll's and this lib. files in most cases are packed using Themida which can be detected by your anti-virus as dangerous software which of course is not. Everyone who has a problem with running game-client need to be 100% sure that file was downloaded properly without anti-virus scanning. Most of the problems are appearing when anti-virus is clearing the libraries even before unpacking the game-client which cause problems like „window doesn’t appear” or „main.exe stopped working” etc. You'll be not able to run game by main.exe because it’s blocked in with Launcher - Remember to run game-client with Launcher.exe, if not you won’t connect. Every update is provided by auto-update function in Launcher so if there’ll be any change launcher make it automatically. Main.exe is stopped working or window doesn’t appear (no reaction) Client disappear while loading Anti-hack is blocking game – errors, red lines I'm on loading screen but error appear „Lost connection to the server” Possible FIX for shutting down MU window or Disconnecting when moving in Lorencia, Noria and other locations Adding main.exe to the exception list (possible fix) Run the launcher.exe after that and wait to update to be completed. Remember to give us feedback if the problem is gone. If none of this helped write about this on bugtracker or this questions board. Hope this helps! @Apostle