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  1. Hello mumu's, We are implementing a new strategy moving forward for how we deal with balance decisions. We will be collecting player suggestions for a set period of time on the forums, after this we will lock the thread, and hold a poll to find the community's opinion. Poll results are not a guaranteed change, but they do offer valuable information to assist the administration team. This is a much better platform to consolidate information and provide a more efficient balance process since discord is prone to changes and data loss. If you want your suggestions to be heard, t
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  2. Howdy, i've collected most specific suggestion about WarMage class skills balance. Please select top suggestions that in your opinion will improve WarMage PVP and PVE gameplay. also thanks goes to all WarMages Thanks in advance!
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  3. Important Talismans: Quadro, Kali, Linda(or Kraemten), Baraex Artifact: Fallen Will Abyss Floor 1: After the DPS classes clear the first room with Invisibility Statues, they wait there while DL moves forward to next room. In the next room DL moves around and gathers the mobs for roughly 30 seconds and then pulls them all together and casts Kali talisman for dps to pretect them from water ghost. Next room DL goes forward to the middle of the room and uses Quadro to gather all mobs in the middle for the DPS to quickly kill them. (if DPS can't do that) DL should pull the mo
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