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    I can represent WarMages. Games from the beginning at Webzen. Leader of the IMPERIO Guild. Greatest caller and strategist in the game so far. Since WebZen always Legend in 3x3. In Webzen, he was Portuguese Moderator of Discord. I went from Staff to webzen to sell the game. I dominate the warmage class and I can be completely in favor of balancing classes for the game and not for the players. Balancing has to be something that balances auto level battles in general, not the will of each player. Discord: wHMagnus - Felipao WarMage: Felipao
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    I can represent the Whisperer. From the beginning I have contributed ideas so that this class that is not in the meta-game is competitive with the 3 dominant ones. I have experience in 3x3 with a 54% win rate. I almost always excel at the GVGs that I participate in. I know against which classes I have an advantage (BP, WM) and a disadvantage (BL, DL, SP). Apart from that, with so much time playing PVP I also notice when one class is above another, either by buff or increased statistics that only benefit some. Discord: Kurade Nick: Kurade
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    Hello adventurers, we want to move forward with balance ticks at MU Genesis but this time we need your help we invite all those who meet a few simple conditions that are listed below. If you think you are the right person to represent your class, please contact us. We believe that we will manage to develop a proper end-game global balance of characters together. We know none of you want your class to be weakened, but in this case it will be the best way to keep both PVP and PVE balance. If we continue to improve other classes, PVE will completely lose its meaning. So to the point. If you want to become an MVP and a representative of your class, you must: be an active member of our community on Discord be an active PvE and PvP end-game/gear player be smart about managing your class (as said before, not only buffs but also nerfs) be neutral about managing other classes be a person active in guild wars, active guild fighter or leader You can write something about yourself here by leaving your Discord nickname and Class or write us directly in our channel. After that we will make simple poll "Who should be [class] MVP?" with all interested players unless there will be lack of submissions so we will make "Yes/No" poll so community will choose the best class representatives. Clock is ticking so hurry up! As @Algorythm said before, "There's a lot of exciting things happening with Genesis and ask that you continue to support and drive the development in this great community going forward". Thanks!
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    I can represent the Dark Lords, I have experience with the class for 3 years as DL TANK. I have good advanced knowledge with BlackPhanton and basic classes. I have experience of 3x3 PVP battles and 5x5 - 10x10 and 20x20 GvGs over these 3 years. In the discord I speak the essentials, I have a good relationship with the community Discord: Kamuit BP: KAMUIT DL: KAMUITH
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    I Can represents War Mages. Discord: Kaito Nick: MagicKaito I understand very well all the details both in the pve and in the pvp of the class, I am also active and daily I perform streams showing the current situation and the needs of each class while we discuss what needs to be changed not only in my class, but in all the others.
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