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    I can represent Blader, a mu legend game since December 2017, I followed the evolution of the game, GvG game 5.10 and 20, active in 3X3 over 50% winrate, active in the game and active in discord, I am neutral with balance , I seek balance between classes, I have already been against some Blader buffs and favor of buffs in other classes, I always say since the beginning of Genesis, I do not want a weak or extremely strong class, but balanced, I have ideas that can help, and the most importantly I know how to play well with the class and study it. Discord: PYSAICO | Chuck Nick in game: PYSAICO REPLYING, WANTING TO BELIEVE THAT IT WAS DELETED BY "MISTAKE".
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    Hello my nickname in Mu Legend is goSTAR. There is probably no person who doesn't know me. I would like to represent the War Mage in balance team because I think and not only me that im one of the few people who can do it properly. I was a beta tester in big titles like: 2011 - closed beta test Diablo3 2013 - closed beta test Path of Exile 2013 - closed beta test Diablo3 Ros 2019 - closed beta test Lost Ark And many of my ideas have been implemented in these games.I am a person open to the suggestions of others and I do not only care about only my class, but maintaining balance for everyone.I am a person who has a good understanding of the mechanics of this game. The final balance of War Mage was also my idea. I am a person who thinks first and then reacts emotionally and I am a fully grown-up person because I graduated university as psychology in business so im not a kiddo. Discord: goSTAR Game: PreatoR
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    I would like to represent Whisperes. I have a well balanced pve/pvp character with high soul lvl and decent winrate in 3v3 of 50%. Discord/Ingame : EvilDarklade
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    I can represent WarMages. Games from the beginning at Webzen. Leader of the IMPERIO Guild. Greatest caller and strategist in the game so far. Since WebZen always Legend in 3x3. In Webzen, he was Portuguese Moderator of Discord. I went from Staff to webzen to sell the game. I dominate the warmage class and I can be completely in favor of balancing classes for the game and not for the players. Balancing has to be something that balances auto level battles in general, not the will of each player. Discord: wHMagnus - Felipao WarMage: Felipao
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