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  1. Hello adventurers, we want to move forward with balance ticks at MU Genesis but this time we need your help we invite all those who meet a few simple conditions that are listed below. If you think you are the right person to represent your class, please contact us. We believe that we will manage to develop a proper end-game global balance of characters together. We know none of you want your class to be weakened, but in this case it will be the best way to keep both PVP and PVE balance. If we continue to improve other classes, PVE will completely lose its meaning. So to the point. If you want to become an MVP and a representative of your class, you must: be an active member of our community on Discord be an active PvE and PvP end-game/gear player be smart about managing your class (as said before, not only buffs but also nerfs) be neutral about managing other classes be a person active in guild wars, active guild fighter or leader You can write something about yourself here by leaving your Discord nickname and Class or write us directly in our channel. After that we will make simple poll "Who should be [class] MVP?" with all interested players unless there will be lack of submissions so we will make "Yes/No" poll so community will choose the best class representatives. Clock is ticking so hurry up! As @Algorythm said before, "There's a lot of exciting things happening with Genesis and ask that you continue to support and drive the development in this great community going forward". Thanks!
  2. Please choose what reward will be best to include into calendar. Topic unlocked, if you got any other proposals then write like: Day 5 = Itemname X500 Day 20 = Itemname X200
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  5. View this giveaway Just testing raffle Test giveaway. Please join. Submitter Apostle Expiration Date 1 hour and 43 seconds Submitted 08/07/2020 Category Genesis Raffles  
  6. Test
  7. Warriors, as you can see there's Caribbean Event (Summer Event) going on in our MU Legend. Here you can find some basic info about this event. Some Tips for the beginning! You're able to reset the Bingo Game 3 times daily! Don't forget to exchange delicious materials into nice buffs and get stamps! Bingo Points are counted for account, so you're able to gain more Bingo Points with Alt characters! Don't miss bosses so you'll exchange more items and reset the Bingo Game more frequently! Don't forget to get your reward just for daily activity/login! Don't forget to activate buff after spending time in-game! What you can gain with this event? the event offers an easy way to get many rare and important items including talismans, imprints, materials and artifact/soul experience. By performing easy and repetitive missions and goeals, we will be able to earn Bingo Tokens that we exchange for these items in the Bingo Game. In addition, in the new location that is part of this event we will be able to kill bosses that drops Luery Coins thanks to whom we will also be able to exchange items in the Bingo Game. It's not all. For doing daily missions you're able to collect event items which will allow you to exchange them into delicious refreshments (buffs) - when you'll exchange the materials and craft the sweets the NPC will offer you daily Rewards for crafting them. Where is the event enterntrance and what's level requirement? Enterntrance can be found in Ohrdor Commercial Area and you need atleast 80 lv. to enter into Caribbean Area. Remember to login daily to get free rewards and stamps just for beign active! Also, for being active you able to activate the Buffs as extras for this event! If there's some suggestions, tips or corrections please write about it below 🙂
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