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    you mean defensive PvP as it's one-hit-kill as far players are talking about
  2. Proper equipment but... that staffs compared to the rest of fancy equipment are too simple and common. I would love to see more various weapons for WM - i like the Unique Weapon design.
  3. I don't really know but you mean but if you mean Awakened Lupa boost then i'm in. Lupa is probably only place where we can somehow "farm" EXP, but with actual rates it's pretty useless after we hit 100 lv. Awakened Artifact.
  4. Hello, here you can find links to download MU Genesis Game-Client! If any of this links expire please mention me like @Apostle or write PM. Torrent - http://cdn2.mugenesis.to/Installer - MU Genesis - 11.02.2020.torrent MegaNZ - https://mega.nz/file/9tFWHIJK#6hOyznWtbJAzat-mqWyaJ2z4aWzO0HEWZvyV15eVbYQ See ya!
  5. It's not about picking one @Lionel_Messi it's about to select most important ticks.
  6. Howdy, i've collected most specific suggestion about WarMage class skills balance. Please select top suggestions that in your opinion will improve WarMage PVP and PVE gameplay. also thanks goes to all WarMages Thanks in advance!
  7. @Pikachu‚ö° for WarMage right-click
  8. Make Imperio Academy and fight with each other
  9. Rebuilding empty locations drops and stuff is always good idea until i see top-tier items, especially that the PVP area was always farmed by top-tier players only. PVP Trials is not newcomer friendly area, giving an opportunity to drop Red Shine Imprints will always push back the fresh players, so it will be good only for one part of community or even guild like it was after the update where 2 top guilds was farming this location for mats, for more then month so that was obviously the battleground only for them.
  10. What about if we will take care of our oldschool dungeons and make them alive again? I don't think about big changes with difficulty or modding the bosses to super strong - nothing like that as Dungeons was made for mid-gameplay but in overall changes, events and freebies gained in-game this dungeons are completely useless for this moment. I mean super useless, like even if we'll got 10 entries i think not much of players will grind them anyway, it's all due to good rewards from calendar and overall higher stakes for progression given by Genesis. Mostly i mean: Fabrice's Gard
  11. Howdy Warriors, i wanted to share, and at the same time persuade you to bump Genesis advertisements. Below you can find some links to some of our topics on different mmo and discussion boards and websites. Also, if you've got some website, or already advertised the MUGenesis somewhere - share the info with us so i'll add proper info on this post! RageZone - http://forum.ragezone.com/f115/mu-genesis-beginning-300-exp-1172050/ MPCForum.pl - https://www.mpcforum.pl/topic/1669601-mugenesis-500-exp-mulegend-private-server/ Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/MuLegend/comments/f35
  12. Don't forgot about server future, it'll be probably not the last event implemented so leave some OP's for later. It's just Bingo, not the "last week of server event". Anyway, - remove blue imprints - remove 30m soul xp potions - remove all zen boxes - remove all 70 lvl anient/mythic stone fragments seems enough
  13. Registration on website Window with registration form should appear User - type your username which will be used as in-game and web login E-mail - type your e-mail which will be used to log-in into website account In-game password - type your password which will be used in-game Website password - type same or other (recommended) password for website user panel - you’ll need it to recover password or change your account data Name - type your name, but also you can type anything in here Surname - type your surname, but also you can type anything in her
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