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    the same for most characters in the guild Unamed follows prints, it's some red imprint bug and artifact pot and soul pot. it seems that it is a bug that already exists in mu legend(valofe) and the players that are coming from there are managing to take advantage of this bug here.
  2. Very beautiful appearance, beautiful skills. for PVE it looks cool, but if PVP I don’t know. Lethal Shot - it looks like she stands still casting the skill Hail of Arrows - same problem with bombardment, it takes too long to fall in the area, which allows enough time for enemies to get out of there. these were my first impressions, I may be mistaken ... Congratulations on your work ... =]
  3. today the PVP area is totally empty no one appears there. to be able to bring the players back to this area I think that the rewards of the missions were replaced by good items the players would return to the farm there. Suggested items for mission rewards: Red Shine Imprint Legend of lost civilization white scroll
  4. + Legend of lost civilization ( for craft bracelet )
  5. + Key TOD + Key All Epics + Unbind Scroll + Talisman craft ticket(20) + Gem powder +Awakened fragment + Legendary talisman core
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