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  1. i think everything you are thinking is on how to make dl tankier than actually is 😕
  2. Hi, i think should be a good idea to add items/materials for crafting unique items or new items to event NPCs, players who had reached endgame doesnt need more talismans, this events are good for new players, but for the old ones...
  3. First soulbox: increase critical rate from 5% to 7% with 30 points. In miscelaneous, more movement speed with the same points and change money and pet mastery for hp/mp cost reduction/base mp(actually like 315 maybe reach 350/400 should be good) Second soulbox(1st rebirth): maybe change pet mastery for hp third soulbox(2nd rebirth): idk
  4. deeedly


    wonderful 😄
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    where is spellbinder :c
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