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  1. The set bonus is exactly the same as the technology of these cards is just an upgrade of the old type of bonus that was previously
  2. You have to completely eliminate the purification skill in the equation, because it is a useless skill that does not increase the damage at all and place a skill that while that bonus card of the set is equipped, the skill has those functions to give DPS to the darklord, Purification is only a skill to use in Darklord Tank mode and if it is used when in DPS it would be to remove status effects and not increase MP recovery because the other Attact order skill would already be performing that recovery function
  3. I suggest this change to increase DPS to the DARKLORD in the set bonus and in the skills in addition to creating the missing legendary seal so that the darklord has mobility like all the other classes and does not get left behind. You developers put the percentage and possible damage in the respective options
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