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  1. what did you say? @ChaosAngel 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱
  2. there in the calendar is marking the beginning on 01/07 and we are already on 03/07, how will this work?
  3. this is very good, I really hope that ADM takes these changes into account
  4. 1 - Decrease the animation of the ruffian's sword 2 - Decrease cdr ice wall - 22> 17 sec 3 - Change the first hit of the ice wall to 1.480% and the second to 595 4 - Return the invisible to the time it was before 5 - Maybe a bit speed on Full Throttle would also be interesting The warmage problem was never survival, the invisible immune was exaggerated and that +1 sec in the invisible was also unnecessary!
  5. Imperio has been making victims for the server, who will be next?
  6. + Shinnig Red Imprint + White Scroll (100%/50%/10%) + Seal of Oblivion (Set)
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