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    still waiting for a cool set for Blader, just like DarkLord 🙁
  2. I can represent Blader, a mu legend game since December 2017, I followed the evolution of the game, GvG game 5.10 and 20, active in 3X3 over 50% winrate, active in the game and active in discord, I am neutral with balance , I seek balance between classes, I have already been against some Blader buffs and favor of buffs in other classes, I always say since the beginning of Genesis, I do not want a weak or extremely strong class, but balanced, I have ideas that can help, and the most importantly I know how to play well with the class and study it. Discord: PYSAICO | Chuck Nick in game: PYSAICO REPLYING, WANTING TO BELIEVE THAT IT WAS DELETED BY "MISTAKE".
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