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  1. BALANCE PATCH NOTES 2.0 WARMAGE: Ice Wall(soulstone effect): Reduced the cooldown from 22 seconds to 13 seconds Increased the first hit damage to 1000% Increased the freezing time from 2 seconds to 3 seconds Ruffian Sword(soulstone effect): Reduced the cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds Increased the damage from 725% to 825% Hallucinatory Infection: Increased the damage from 610% to 1200% Binding Blizzard: Increased the damage from 167% to 500% SPELLBINDER: Protective Barrier(with and without soulstone) : Decreased the cooldown from 25 seconds to 18 seconds Increased the skill damage from 215% to 300% Illusionary Rampage(with and without soulstone): Increased the skill damage from 325% to 375% DARKLORD: Destruction Tremor (with soulstone): Damage increase from 155% to 500% Fire Burst (with and without soulstone): Damage increase from 735% to 900% Eternal Flames (with and without soulstone Avalanchera): Damage increased from 55%/66% to 400% Follower's Spirit(with and without betty soulstone): Damage Increase from 235% to 600% WHISPERER: Smokescreen(with soulstone): Damage increased from 195% to 450% Torment Magnetic Field(without soultone): Damage increased from 365% per hit to 530% per hit BLADER: Fixed the bug with Tall soulstone where it didn't displayed the "1400% damage" after equiping
  2. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELOOOOOOO it's me your loved and most favourite ever existing GM DrakkY, Our community didn't had a boss event inawhile so lets do it, tomorrow at 20:00 Server Time im waiting for all of you in Ohrdor Central Area (the little square, the classical place) for the Boss Spawn event, lets destroy our CPU's once more warriors ! hehe
  3. Talisman Driver Level Restriction Decreased by: From: Level 8 = 2nd Driver Unlocked Level 20 = 3rd Driver Unlocked Level 30 = 4th Driver Unlocked To: Level 5 = 2nd Driver Unlocked Level 15 = 3rd Driver Unlocked Level 20 = 4th Driver Unlocked Stats Cap Modification: MP Cost Reduction Stat Cap Increased from 50% to 60% Evasion Rate Stat Cap Increased from 50% to 90% Crit Rate Stat Cap Increased from 30% to 35% PVP content Modification: 3v3 Battleground: Changed the requirement to enter from level 65 to level 85 The 3v3 battleground is now available 24/7 ChaosCastle: Changed the required level from 70 to 85 Changed the duration of each time the CC was available from 1 hour to 3 hours Before: 14:00 -> 15:00 22:00 -> 23:00 Now: 14:00 -> 17:00 20:00 -> 23:00 OTHER MODIFICATIONS: Increased the amount of Contribution gained by completing any of the Tower of Dawn floors by 10x, example: from 12800 -> 128000 Increased the God Corridor rewards by 4x Example: From: SSS rank (15 faint and 4 shiny spacetime chalks) To: SSS rank (60 faint and 16 shiny spacetime chalks)
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