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  1. Good afternoon Warriors, It's time for your weekly GM event so i tought this week we can do something more chat related, friendly related/ discord related (ofc) , that means we are bringing back the old quiz event Last time was fun and most of you enjoyed it so we will extend the rules a bit, here is what you need to do : 1. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/unePjYw 2. On 4 of July 2020, 20:00 Server Time be online on discord, look for the #quiz-event chat. 3. Your friendly GM DrakkY will ask a number of 20 questions game related, you may answer only ONCE, i
  2. Important Talismans: Quadro, Kali, Linda(or Kraemten), Baraex Artifact: Fallen Will Abyss Floor 1: After the DPS classes clear the first room with Invisibility Statues, they wait there while DL moves forward to next room. In the next room DL moves around and gathers the mobs for roughly 30 seconds and then pulls them all together and casts Kali talisman for dps to pretect them from water ghost. Next room DL goes forward to the middle of the room and uses Quadro to gather all mobs in the middle for the DPS to quickly kill them. (if DPS can't do that) DL should pull the mo
  3. we have, i edited the photo, i uploaded the wrong one by mistake
  4. Good afternoon Warriors ! Today im here to show you the bingo rewards we personally created for your entertainment but we dont want to implement it just yet before we can have the chance to ask for your opinion about them, we want you to tell us what you think ! If there is something you wish to remove or replace please suggest but keep it between the limits please Here are the rewards with the exact quantity :
  5. Mu Genesis General Guide by Algorythm What is the best way to level to 85 for a new player? Following all the yellow (story) quests will take you to 85 without needing to do any blue quests. You will want to finish all the yellow quests even once you hit 85 to trigger the Talisman quests for 83 Epic dungeons. Using this method, you should have a max level character in under 8 hours. The other method requires having friends with spare Porystal 5(From goblin cube) keys to open for you. This is the preferred method for alternate characters. First level your character to level
  6. Good evening Genesis Warriors, In case you didn't vote yet please do so for the 2nd GvG that will take place Wednesday, it's almost the time. https://www.strawpoll.me/20269663 Your sincerely, DrakkY
  7. Greetings Genesis Warriors, On Saturday June 27 2020 we will organize a pvp event (we never had one of those so it will be something either disasterous or OK), this event will be basically a series of 1v1 matches untill the last man stands, since the game has a lot of veterans already we made a set of rules to give everyone a equal chance on winning, those are the rules: - The minimum CP to participate is 1.000.000 , the maximum CP to participate is 1.500.000 (so if your char is high in CP you need to find ways to lower it) -Darklords are only allowed to duel with 2-hand weapon
  8. Good afternoon community, Because of recent events we had to make another discord server, please make sure to join to stay tuned for any events going on Link: https://discord.gg/HweuAzf
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