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  1. Changelog # Version 1.1.1 #01.11.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Added new Pentalisman Boxes (5 new Boxes), Added Pentalismans Boxes tooltips, Completed Pentalismans Mix in Chaos Machine, Tested and implemented new Pentalismans Mix (Pentalisman, Cores, Boxes) Fixed Mythril Cores, now properly looking in inventory window and on the ground, Fixed Mythril Cores, now correspond to the assigned Pentalismans - same with Boxes, Fixed Pentalismans, now showing original buff info, Configured Item Bags, boxes now drops original Pentalismans with duration, Item Bags already live in-game, Pentalismans system almost finished, To be continued.
  2. Changelog # Version 1.0.9 #23.10.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Fixed wrong Sheilds and Option tooltips for items, Started to develop Pentalismans System Added 5 new pentalismans, they're Idols. Charms and Relic replacements, Original Pentagrams was remade for 1x1 block to don't waste space in inventory, Configured Pentalismans bonus options, Configured Pentalismans tooltips, and indo, Added New Pentalismans Mixing materials, 5 new "Mythril Cores", Configured Mythril Cores tooltips and info, To be continued.
  3. Changelog # Version 1.0.8 #21.10.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Restored original state of some server configuration files, Deleted and removed Evolved, Awakening and more items from client, Fixed problem with crashing Illusion Temple, Some small security updates in anti-hack, Website and forums: Rebuiled a bit sidebar player ranking, Rebuiled a bit sidebar guilds ranking, Rebuiled Players ranking layout, Rebuiled Guilds ranking layout, Increased height of header, Synchronisation with Discord channel started, To be continued.
  4. Hello Everyone, below you can find information about Golden Archer Event which will be available in-game from beginning forever. How much Rena's i need to collect to get reward? For each reward you need to collect 10 Rena's. Where i can find Rena? It's not dropping! Rena will drop only on specified maps, in Land Of Chaos that coin is available to find only in Events Map's so finally Rena can be found on maps: Blood Castle (1-8), Devil Square (1-7), Chaos Castle (1-6) and Valley Of Loren (Castle Deep Event). Why only on Events? Rena has been made as a reward for active players which are competing in these events. This will allow us to disable the possibility to farm these coins. What is the reward? There's 3 groups of rewards, normal, rare and special, every group got different success rate for drop. Normal Group (75%) Blood Castle Ticket (2 entries - any level) (10 hours duration of use) Devil Square Ticket (2 entries - any level) (10 hours duration of use) Kalima Ticket (1 entry - any level) (20 hours duration of use) Illusion Temple (1 entry - any level) (20 hours duration of use) Rare Group (20%) Blood Castle Ticket (2 entries - any level) (no duration) Devil Square Ticket (2 entries - any level) (no duration) Kalima Ticket (1 entry - any level) (no duration) Illusion Temple (1 entry - any level) (no duration) Doppleganger Ticket (2 entries - any level) (10 hours duration of use) Imperial Fortress Varka Ticket (2 entries - any level) (10 hours duration of use) Special Group (5%) Deamon Pet (Original) Spirit Of Guardian Pet (Original) Green Egg (Custom) Varka Sunday Ticket (1 entry - any level) (no duration) Why there's duration for Normal Group Tickets? If there'll be not, that will be to easy to farm unlimited tickets so the tickets price will be low and after some time the original invitations will be useless. TBC. Hope you like it, @Apostle
  5. Hello MUTizens, In previous edition there was custom map called "Event-Square" but not to much players knows about this place so we tried to expand that map much better then for latest time. What is Event-Square? Event-Square is modified Loren Market Map. We've closed some gates and make more place in central area to place Event, Mixing and Main NPC's. You can go here with any level - map warp is free and you can warp here from 1st. lv. What NPC's i can find here? Here's the full list of NPC's (Warning: Aida Jerridon and Osbourn are standing only in Aida) Safety Guardian (Warehouse) Lugard (Imperial Fortress) Jerint the Assistant (Doppleganger) Mirage (Illusion Temple) Charon (Devil Square) Messenger of Archangel (Blood Castle) Apostle Devin (3-rd. Quest) Marlon (2-nd. Quest) Sebina the Priest (1-st. Quest) Quest Master (Still in development) Golden Archer (Rena Exchange Event) Delgado (Lucky Coin Exchange Event) Potion Girl Amy (Fast Potions Shop) Jeweler Raul (Jewel Packer - Lehap in Elb.) Gens Duprian Steward (Gens) Gens Vanert Steward (Gens) Doorkeeper Titus (Arena Guests NPC) Trainer (Pat Trainer, Raven and Horse) Chaos Goblin (Chaos Machine Master) Seed Master (Seeds) Seed Researcher (Seeds) David Lucky Items (Lucky Items Exchange) Couple of Guards (to make it live, and eye-candy) If you have any ideas about this map, this topic is open for suggestions! Hope you'll use it. @Apostle
  6. Hello, as we said before, we want to make shields more "special" and usable in-game. To increase the shields rarity we've added custom option add system (same like 380lv. option add). Warning! This is not the only 380lv. items mix, you can put any shield you want into Chaos Machine, so this can be Small Shield, Horn, Salamander or even this most powerful. Some peoples will say, that's the great buff for classes like Blade Knight, Soul Master, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord but believe me - it's not. Class are balanced, every class is unique and every stat matter. That's not only one buff and remember that if someone wants to wear shield - it need to leave another weapon. Additional, special options are not so powerful but still, the most active and informed players will add this into shields. Of course, we'll need Chaos Machine and 3-rd Item Option Mix, but it's not so easy anyway. Chaos Machine Shields Hardening required items: Jewel Of Guardian - 1X Jewel Of Harmony - 1X 10 000 000 Zen Any Shield +4 +4 minimum Chances for Hardening: 50% Special Options to gain: Defense success rate increase: +50 pts Max HP increase +250 HP Below some screenshots.
  7. Changelog # Version 1.0.7 #14.10.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Added custom markers for Even-Square Minimap, Added some NPC's to Event-Square like Seed Master, Seed Researcher, Lucky David (Lucky Sets), Added item option special - shields hardening with Jewel Of Guardian and Harmony, Added mix into game-client about Shields Hardening, Fixed Chaos Machine mix name - for every item option mix (3-rd button), Forums: Added info/guide about Shields Hardening - Item Option adding
  8. Changelog # Version 1.0.6 #11.10.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Fixed "Login-Screen" animation - no more white lines flickering, Some visual changes under "C" window - new clean bars, Visual changes on the custom menu, new hover and click colors, Fixed dates and fake info on Golden Archer and Delgado, Added custom minimap for our Event-Square Map, Added custom markers for Even-Square Minimap, Added some NPC's to Event-Square like Potion Girl Amy, Chaos Goblin, Titus Gatekeeper, Duprian, and Venert Gens NPC, Pet Trainer, Delgado, Golden Archer, Disabled "Smithy", "PKClear" and "Reset" functions in a custom menu, Website: Added new background video with some effects, it's more mu-likely, Rebuiled Download layout, fixed not working links to software, Rebuiled Register page layout, cleaner and sorted, Fixed global players ranking and hall of fame, sometimes positions was doubled, to be continued on the current date.
  9. Changelog # Version 1.0.5 #08.10.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Updated "Login-Screen", new animated movie is now in-game, Forums and Website: Added and reworked "Hall Of Fame" module, more information soon, Updated forums, reworked user-view, and some font sizes, Deleted "Castle Siege Registered Guilds" from the website, Permanently deleted Equipment View from the website, this will improve fair-play, Updated main website renders, soon to be filled with info, Updated discord module on forums sidebar, Updated forums avatar size - max 120 x 120 pixels and 1,00 mb
  10. Changelog # Version 1.0.4 #04.10.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Reworked Shields system, firstly reorganized into original state, Modified original rates, Shields got for this moment 25% better Defense & Defense Success Rate, Fixed fake information on shields - real rates will be shown in-game for now,
  11. Changelog # Version 1.0.3 #30.09.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Fixed Knowledge Monkeys - fixed fake EXP rate buff Fixed Knowledge Monkeys spawns and times, Fixed Knowledge Monkeys not disappearing after the specified time Modified Quantity of Knowledge Monkeys - 4 for every map Fixed Knowledge Ring - added real duration Forums changes: Added Guide - Happy Hour alternative - Knowledge Monkeys Invasion
  12. Dear MUTizens, here you can find an alternative for "Happy Hour" event. It's a unique invasion because rewards from hunted Knowledge Monkeys can be used as EXP Buff for 120 minutes. This invasion is only for active players, why? Because Monkeys are spawning every 2 hours, but just for 10 minutes. If Monkey will be not hunted in 10 minutes it'll disappear and you'll be informed with info about that monkeys leave our MU Continent. Knowledge Monkeys Info: Monkeys spawn at times (repeatable): 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00, 00:00 Locations where Monkeys spawn: Lorencia, Devias, Noria, LostTower, Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Kanturu, Kanturu2, Elbeland, Swamp, Raklion Monkeys Quantity: 4 monkeys every each map, you need to hunt 2 monkeys to gain 2 rings for full EXP buff. Knowledge Monkeys Drop: Each Monkey have 100% chances to drop Knowledge Ring You can equip up to 2 Knowledge Rings as the same time (full buff) Knowledge Ring is working only for 120 minutes, it's not lifetime item (every invasion) Knowledge Ring will give us 25% EXP Buff, if you have 2 of them - 50% (full buff) After 120 minutes item will expire, so it'll not work anymore Hope you like it, @Apostle
  13. MUTizens, here, on Land Of Chaos at the very beginning, you've got chance to find/hunt your first Wings - Small Wings. Small Wings are the great alternative to hunting parts for normal Wings. Small Wings are un-upgradeable, so you can't increase the level or find it with some superb options, but it's still better than nothing. There's only one way to obtain them - hunting the specified invasions. Invasions specified in this topic. All of the bosses below are respawning at the same time (with the 1-minute cooldown to each other), 4 times per day. Times are mixed a bit, but monsters are spawning at the time when there'll be a lot of players online. Monsters are spawning alone, 6 monsters for each map what gives us 24 monsters in total to hunt down across the most popular cities - Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland and Devias. Monsters appear every day at times: 01:00, 09:00, 17:00, 21:00 ID. Name of monster Monster locations Monster count Items chances Chance for drop 1. Wolverine Lorencia 4 20% - 300000 Zen 15% - Small Wings (any) 65% - Chaos, Soul, Bless Jewels 100% 2. Lizard Noria 4 20% - 300000 Zen 15% - Small Wings (any) 65% - Chaos, Soul, Bless Jewels 100% 3. Anubis Elbeland 4 20% - 300000 Zen 15% - Small Wings (any) 65% - Chaos, Soul, Bless Jewels 100% 4. Ice Golem Devias 4 20% - 300000 Zen 15% - Small Wings (any) 65% - Chaos, Soul, Bless Jewels 100% Hope you like it! @Apostle
  14. Changelog # Version 1.0.2 #27.09.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Fixed Wings 1lv. Alternative mix - false mix info and Zen cost per mix Fixed Wings 1lv. Alternative mix - false success rate chance Reconfigured Wolve, Lizard, Anubis and Ice-Golem Invasions - now 6 monsters, 4 times per day Reconfigured Wolve, Lizard, Anubis and Ice-Golem Invasions - 5% better chance for Small Wings Fixed Monsters doesn't appear from Cities Rush Invasion (Wolve, Lizard, Anubis and Ice-Golem wrong ID's) Fixed Succes Chance for Item Drop - Cities Rush Invasion (Wolve, Lizard, Anubis wrong chance rates) Forums changes: Added Guide - Combine 1st. lv. Wings from Small Wings Added Guide - Cities Rush Invasion - Small Wings (Wolve, Lizard, Anubis and Ice-Golem)
  15. Dear MUTizens, on Land Of Chaos, you're able to obtain "Small Wings" from special invasions at the very beginning of the game if you'll be active and lucky, except the fact that these Small Wings are useless after we'll obtain 1lv. Wings, we've made a custom alternative to combine 1st. lv. Wings from this Small Wings. Every owner can combine 1st. lv. Wings from Small Wings but there are few requirements. As we know 1st. Wings are made of Chaos Weapon, and Chaos Weapon is made from good, upgraded items, that's why there'll be a bit easier than in original mix, but not for free. Here are the combination requirements: ID. Name of Item Quantity 1. Jewel Of Chaos 1 2. Small Wings (Any type) 1 3. Zen 2500000 There are 80% chances, that we'll get rewarded with random 1st. lv. Wings! So it's not like in original where we need to upgrade the success chance with Jewels or Items, here it's 80% of Win every time!
  16. If you're here because your game-client won't run and don't have any idea how to fix it then you're in a good place. Read this guides carefully so your problem can be fixed really fast. For sure every day we're performing fixes and other fixes that will allow you to join a game without any problems but for some users, this can be impossible without doing it manually. We can't make patches with your OS changes or config your stations but sure we can help. For the beginning of this article, everyone should know that MU-Online game-clients (mostly) is packed with custom .dll's and this lib. files in most cases are packed using Themida which can be detected by your anti-virus as dangerous software which of course is not. Everyone who has a problem with running game-client need to be 100% sure that file was downloaded properly without anti-virus scanning. Most of the problems are appearing when anti-virus is clearing the libraries even before unpacking the game-client which cause problems like „window doesn’t appear” or „main.exe stopped working” etc. You'll be not able to run game by main.exe because it’s blocked in with Launcher - Remember to run game-client with Launcher.exe, if not you won’t connect. Every update is provided by auto-update function in Launcher so if there’ll be any change launcher make it automatically. Main.exe is stopped working or window doesn’t appear (no reaction) Client disappear while loading Anti-hack is blocking game – errors, red lines I'm on loading screen but error appear „Lost connection to the server” Possible FIX for shutting down MU window or Disconnecting when moving in Lorencia, Noria and other locations Adding main.exe to the exception list (possible fix) Run the launcher.exe after that and wait to update to be completed. Remember to give us feedback if the problem is gone. If none of this helped write about this on bugtracker or this questions board. Hope this helps! @Apostle
  17. Dear MUTizens, for this moment the new website is available. What is new there? Most important change is that whole interactive and possible helpful tools and functions are available in-game, so we don't want to double modules like "Extra Warehouse", "Market" and more things that are actually pretty destructive for community (players on forums, in-game chat) and for security (we've found a couple of bugs which are still not fixed like dupes and items disappearing) so in this state, most of "transfer" or "trade" modules on the website will be turned off to avoid critical bugs or more. But wait... There'll be available couple of great features which can help us only via the website, like Rankings and rewards for "Weekly Rankings", "Referrals System", "Event Timer" and more personal modules like "Hide Info", "Name Changer" or "Class Changer". A website will be still an official news and updates source, like forums and launcher RSS, so everything will be updated here and all data will be legit. Most important thing is that the website will be only one place when we can register accounts. For this moment website is fully working, there are just a couple things to fix. Hope you like the fact that most of the key-functions will be in-game. @Apostle
  18. Mutizens, here, on Land Of Chaos you can find Divine Weapon for every class. Beside original Divine Weapons, you can craft unique class Divines like Divine Runeblade (for MG), Divine Bow (Elf alternative) and Divine Gauntlet (RF). Below all Divine Weapons: Divine Sword Of Archangel Divine Staff Of Archangel Divine Crossbow Of Archangel Divine Bow Of Archangel Divine Scepter Of Archangel Divine Stick Of Archangel Divine Glove Of Archangel Divine Blade Of Archangel Divine Items are not obtainable from monsters in the world, so this means you can't find them from the regular drop. Divine Weapons can be only crafted with specified items, everything, the whole mix can be made with Chaos Goblin in Noria or with use of "Craft Everywhere" button via "Main menu" (this custom feature allow you to use Chaos Goblin Machine everywhere in World). How to craft Divine Weapons? For crafting Divine Weapon (randomly) we will need 3 specified items: Jewel Of Chaos - classic Jewel, Archangel Soulshard - an item which is dropping from "Elite" Monsters only, and Chaos Weapon (any) with min. +9 upgrade, +4 Option, +Luck, every mix got 70% chances of success and we will need to pay 5000000 Zen for doing that. Item name Quantity Possible drop Jewel Of Chaos 1 Obtainable from Monsters, boxes, events, trade Archangel Soulshard 1 Obtainable from Elite Monsters only Chaos Weapon +9 +4 +L 1 Craftable only with original Chaos Weapon Mix Zen 5000000 Obtainable from Monsters, trade, sell, events Remember, you can't craft exact class weapon but random one. Divine Weapon is just 1st. but very powerful stage that in future will allow us to craft Absolute Divine Weapons. Enjoy it! @Apostle
  19. Changelog # Version 1.0.1 #23.09.2018 Ingame fixes and changes: Fixed Divine Weaponry mixes - false mix info and Zen cost per mix Fixed Divine Weaponry mixes - false socket option when item mix Fixed Divine Weapons Item Info - corrections on false data Rebalanced mix requirements and success chance, it cost 5000000 Zen and gives us 70% chances now - before that was 2000 Zen and 50% chances Rebalanced "Elites" drop reward rates from 60% chances to 100% for every Elite Fixed "Elites" drop's via "Grades" - forums guide topic is already updated Added "Archangel Soulshard" into every "Grade" of "Elites" (before only IV Grade) Removed "Steel Of Heaven" from I, II, and III "Grade" "Elites" - obtainable only from IV Grade Forums changes: Added Guide - Divine Weaponry Informations Added Guide - Elite Monsters, rewards and locations Added Guide - Goblin Miner, rewards, mix and locations Added Guide - in dev. - In-Game Features and tools Added Guide - Icarus Map rework Added Guide - Open-World Start (Start everywhere) Added Guide - Goldens and Box Of Kundun - times, locations and more Added Guide - Heart Of Love, Firecracker, Medals information and drop list Added Guide - Exec. Items and Boxes drop randomization
  20. MUTizens, on our world, on Land Of Chaos, once in a while a portal opens to the goblins' treasury, from which goblins who want to smuggle acquired Ores for Kundun's needs. Let us stop them from delivering the Ores, let us kill the Goblins and let us keep the Ores for ourselves! Chaos Goblin in Noria will help us to extract Jewels from this Ores. Chaos Goblin There's 100% chances that Goblin will drops 3 items at once kill Times when appears: Every 2 hour after each kill (killed monster will respawn in a different location after 2 hours, that's non-invasion) Locations and count: 2X in Lorencia 4X in Dungeon 2X in Devias 2X in Noria 4X in LostTower 4X in Atlans 2X in Tarkan 3X in Aida 3X in Crywolf 2X in Kanturu 1 1X in Kanturu 2 2X in Elbeland 4X in Swamp Of Calmness 3X in Raklion 1 3X in Vulcanus 2X in Karutan 1 1X in Karutan 2 Drops: Ore Of Bless Ore Of Soul Ore Of Chaos Ore Of Life Ore Of Creation Special info: Chaos Goblin can't attack you Chaos Goblin is 1 hit-kill, everyone can hunt him Chaos Goblin is a reward for being active when exploring the world Ore Of Bless Ore Of Soul Ore Of Chaos Ore Of Life Ore Of Creation Extraction informations Requirements: 100 000 Zen Chances: 80% for extraction Extraction result: 90% - Jewel Of Bless 10% - Bless Bundle 10X Extraction informations Requirements: 100 000 Zen Chances: 80% for extraction Extraction result: 90% - Jewel Of Soul 10% - Soul Bundle 10X Extraction informations Requirements: 100 000 Zen Chances: 80% for extraction Extraction result: 75% - Jewel Of Chaos 20% - Other Jewels 5% - Rare Jewels Extraction informations Requirements: 100 000 Zen Chances: 80% for extraction Extraction result: 60% - Jewel Of Life 35% - Other Jewels 5% - Rare Jewels Extraction informations Requirements: 100 000 Zen Chances: 80% for extraction Extraction result: 80% - Jewel Of Creation 20% - Other Jewels Hope you like it as reward for activity. @Apostle
  21. Mutizens, On Land Of Chaos you can start on every starter map with every character you want, for example, there's no problem to explore Lorencia or Elbeland with 1 lv. Elf, same thing is with rest of characters, you can make Dark Wizard and just warp for free, from 1st. lv. into Noria or Elbeland! Why we're doing these? Every starter map is almost the same, there are no overpowered spots, there are no hot-spots, so we'll let you start play on the map that you like most. About shops and class items, each map is originally directed to specified classes, like Elf - Noria, DK/DW - Lorencia and Summoner - Elbeland, that is the same thing with shops, so if you want to start playing with DK on Noria you'll need to move back into Lorencia if need of class items, like sets, weapons etc. there's no DK/DW shops in Noria or Elbeland, like no shops for Elf in Lorencia. To make it clear, here's the move info. table. Lorencia Noria Elbeland Warp lv. required 1 1 1 Warp Zen price Free Free Free Class Shops DK/DW Elf Summoner Hope you'll like it.
  22. Hello warrior's We would like to introduce you, new elite monsters in Land of Chaos. The old enemy gets bigger and stronger. You can find them begin from Lorencia up to Kanturu. There is no chance to miss them out, everyone have the chance to find one, everyone has the chance to hunt them. Just be active and explore the world of Chaos. Elite Monsters are a great reward for active hunters, which can collect items required for crafting Archangel/Divine Items. Without Archangel, you will don't make Absolute Archangel so be sure that you can buy on market or hunt for yourself items like Archangel Soulshard and Steel Of Heaven Monsters spawn randomly on the map, there's no specified position Monsters and larger and stronger got a different color of HP bar - Elites group Each monster is respawning every 1 hour after a kill, so if you kill one, he will spawn after 1 hour. Here some information about locations and count of monsters: ID. Monster name Monster location Grade of rewards Count 1. Spider Queen Lorencia 1-st. 5 2. Scorpion King Noria 1-st. 5 3. Mutated Ogre Elbeland 1-st. 5 4. Mythic Yeti Devias 2-nd 5 5. Ancient Ghost Dungeon 2-nd 5 6. Hell Devil Lost Tower 3-rd 6 7. Ancient Behemoth Atlans 3-rd 5 8. Berserker General Aida 4-th 5 9. Heaven Drakan Icarus 4-th 3 10. Gen. Genocider Kanturu 4-th 4 Here you can find info what Grades are referring too, and bonuses from "Elites" ID. Grade Items like drop Bonus chances Chance 1. 1-st Heart Of Love 85% for non-exc. 12% for 1 exc. opt. 3% for 2 exc. opt. Archangel Soulshard 100% 2. 2-nd Firecracker 85% for non - exc . 12% for 1 exc . opt. 3% for 2 exc . opt. Archangel Soulshard 100% 3. 3-rd Silver Medal 85% for non - exc . 12% for 1 exc . opt. 3% for 2 exc . opt. Archangel Soulshard 100% 4. 4-th Golden Medal 85% for non - exc . 12% for 1 exc . opt. 3% for 2 exc . opt. Archangel Soulshard Steel Of Heaven 100% Want to know more about drops from boxes like Heart, Firecracker or Medals? Here's the link to the topic with rates and item list. Hope you'll it. @Apostle
  23. Hello, here you can find informations about generating specified options for your Excellent Item. What does it mean? It means that every Excellent Item option will be randomized with some specified settings. Most of them are already configured, and we'll write about it below about what settings drops, bosses and boxes actually got. We will use just one (if possible) template of description to make it clear and understandable. Every info written here is already confirmed and implemented in-game. Common Excellent Items (drop from Monsters and Events) Generating just 1 EXC. option - 78% Generating 2 EXC. options - 20% Generating 3 EXC. options - 2% Generating EXC. with Luck - 25% Generating EXC. without Luck - 75% Generating EXC. with Skill - 30% Generating EXC. without Skill - 70% Box Of Kundun Excellent Items (drop from Golden Monsters) Generating just 1 EXC. option - 70% Generating 2 EXC. options - 25% Generating 3 EXC. options - 5% Generating EXC. with Luck - 30% Generating EXC. without Luck - 70% Generating EXC. with Skill - 40% Generating EXC. without Skill - 60% Heart Of Love, Firecracker, Silver Medal and Golden Medal (drop from world, normal Monsters) Item Level Chances: +3 Item (minimum): 30% +4 Item: 24% +5 Item: 18% +6 Item: 12% +7 Item (maximum): 4% Generating Item. with Luck - 30% Generating Item without Luck - 70% Generating Item with Skill - 20% Generating Item without Skill - 80%
  24. You accepted these rules just after successfully account registration. If want decline these rules just write to us about deleting your account. These rules will be respected not only at the forum and game level but on every official Land Of Chaos content, like server advertisements on different boards, other private servers, and on every content which refers to MUOnline: Land Of Chaos project. Permanently banned from forums & game These rules are main and general but elastic for sure, so these simple rules can be used on different situations. Don't try to broke one of these because your account will be banned forever on forums, in-game, website and will be completely disabled even for future. (HWID) Don't try to advertise any of private servers, no matter what game or configuration. Don't use any exploits like hacks, speed hacks, editors etc. every cheating attempt will be instantly banned. Every data of person banned, like account login, characters nicknames, IP and more can be shared to 3rd. part anti-cheat systems which will help this community to stay fair-play. We don't do this with any other situations. Don't try to insult administration, we know that some peoples can be better administrators then our team, but for this moment, you're on our project forums, using our game-client, and registering on our website, so if you want to show us how much you're right just start your own game-server and leave this community. Every insult can be banned without any warning. Don't try to say goodbye, if you want to leave the community with "boom" and some comment about what is wrong here, what should be done and why you're not playing anymore then you'll get permanently banned forever and your post will be deleted. Do not pretend to be a man from the future, there's a lot of peoples which are saying "ok, you'll see, I'm giving X months for these project", "server like any other, will die soon", "you'll remember my words" and more of that. We're not doing it here, just please - no. Banned for 24/72 hours, or more Banned for 24 hours Muted on Chatbox and Forums (your posts will need the approval of moderator) ChatBox is like spam-area, sure we can reply there faster and talk with you but if someone is requesting here for the change, update or reporting a bug it's going out of control. Remember to review all categories before posting on ChatBox, chatbox can't be exchanged with BugTracker or Questions board and messages here are getting forgotten very fast so we can't remember all things from there. If you're spamming in language different then English. If your replies or answers are useless and not even funny. If you're not posting the threads in specified categories.