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What about if we will take care of our oldschool dungeons and make them alive again? I don't think about big changes with difficulty or modding the bosses to super strong - nothing like that as Dungeons was made for mid-gameplay but in overall changes, events and freebies gained in-game this dungeons are completely useless for this moment.

I mean super useless, like even if we'll got 10 entries i think not much of players will grind them anyway, it's all due to good rewards from calendar and overall higher stakes for progression given by Genesis.

Mostly i mean:

  1. Fabrice's Garden
  2. Luery's Secret Vault
  3. Magic Gem Mine
  4. Fire Cave - prior.
  5. Ice Cave - prior.

also we should talk about:

  1. Lupa
  2. Pit of Nightmare
  3. Goblin Thieves?

Why we should talk about it:

  • Pros:
    • Events are actually alive
    • Events are configured
    • Not much effort to make ticks there i think
    • More places to grind
  • Cons
    • No cons

What do you think?

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