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Possible Disconnect Fix (DC-from-game)

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as some group of players got problems with disconnecting in some places in-games here's the possible fix to avoid MU disconnect or MU window shut-down. The problem is happening because of "TronEffects" which are additional for our LOC server. 

Tron Glow is graphics addon which is unlocking the possibility to turn on OpenGL Blur and Bloom Effects. Some graphics cards do not support OpenGL or just outdated drivers.

In first you should install this pack - to eliminate all other problems, because that pack is required for MUOnline.

If this wont help read below guide:

  • Possible FIX for shutting down MU window or Disconnecting when moving in Lorencia, Noria and other locations
  • Navigate to you main Land of Chaos game-folder (place where main.exe and launcher.exe is)
  • Find "Settings.ini" file and open it with Notepad
  • Find "TronEffects = 1" line 
  • Change "TronEffects" from "1" to "0"
  • Save and close the "Settings.ini"

In this file you can change more settings like Fog, Antialsing, Camera, Timer and objects distance.
You can change it by yourself.


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