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FAQ's and main informations

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Registration on website

  • Window with registration form should appear
  • User - type your username which will be used as in-game and web login
  • E-mail - type your e-mail which will be used to log-in into website account
  • In-game password - type your password which will be used in-game
  • Website password - type same or other (recommended) password for website user panel - you’ll need it to recover password or change your account data
  • Name - type your name, but also you can type anything in here
  • Surname - type your surname, but also you can type anything in here

Here’s how to do it properly and info when your account is already active.

  • Go to MUGenesis.to website
  • Click on “Register” button on top-right corner or go toe - type you tel. nr, but you can use any number as we’re not sending any confirmation messages or PIN’s
  • Secret question - choose secret question which
  • Secret answer - type your secret answer for question above

Now click “Register”! If passwords was repeated correctly then your account is created. Important information - note about account confirmation will pop-up after succesfully registering account but even without confirming your account you’ll be able to connect into game! 

Now go to your email account and check latest messages. Confirmation mail can be sended up to 15 minutes after register but as said before, you’re still able to connect and play the game

If you found the email from MUGenesis, open it and click on confirmation link

After clicking on link you should be redirected into website and note about successful confirmation will appear.

Note - if you’re getting “Ooops page” then report it to staff member directly or on our discord channel, but as mentioned before - you’re still able to play the game without account confirmation!

Note - you don’t need to share your real name or surname, this data is needed to keep database in good condition. Also phone number is not needed - we’re not sending any messages, pins or confirmations to you so don’t worry about that if all data is correct!

ReNote - if you didn't get confirmation email then nothing is lost, just download the game and use the data you provide in registration form.

It’s all - you can enjoy the MUGenesis!


Downloading the game client

There’s couple of alternatives to download the game client, info below:

We recommend to download the game-client via .torrent as file is still uploaded with high-speed connection so you’ll be able to download it as fast as it’s possible.

  • If you downloaded the .rar file extract it with any extractor which support .rar compression and decompression. 
  • To run game client make sure that your anti-virus didn’t blocked any of file!
  • Run the game via double-clicking MULauncher.exe which you can find in: C:\MU_GENESIS\MU_LEGEND\ (path depends on that where you extracted the package). You can make an shortcut of MULauncher.exe to start it from desktop.

Launcher should be working for now, make sure that it’s up-to-date and it’s not giving any errors. To run the game just click big “Play” button on the left bottom corner!


Not found hosts file, file locked

Possible fix: Probably your anti-virus deleted/blocked or moved the hosts file to quarantine. To apply the fix allow your anti-virus to use this file or just recover it and add to exceptions. No worry, hosts file is good, it’s just your anti-virus - not all of them.


Missing libraries - .dll’s and others

Possible fix: Probably you’re lack of drivers which are needed to load our game launcher. To fix this problem make sure that you’ve got redistributables installed. To avoid future problems install this most important like:

  • DirectX libraries - probably fix for this error.
  • NET 4+ - required to run launcher/apps.
  • Visual C++ 2012/2015 - as above, additional

Before reporting any problem make sure that all drivers are installed!


Game launcher giving random errors

Possible fix: Error was common when game-launcher was overpopulated or if there is problem with connection. Error sometimes given in different commands means mostly timout or connection problems (as launcher got auto-update server-based function).

  • If problem appears you can try to force run it multiply times.
  • If problem appears make sure you’re not using too much app’s at once.
  • Problem appears sometimes when Google Chrome is working in background.

If none of this helps try to close any useless background apps and repeat.

If none of this helps it means that server is overloaded or under maintenance/update.

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