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Alternative for 1st. Lv Wings - combination

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Dear MUTizens,

on Land Of Chaos, you're able to obtain "Small Wings" from special invasions at the very beginning of the game if you'll be active and lucky, except the fact that these Small Wings are useless after we'll obtain 1lv. Wings, we've made a custom alternative to combine 1st. lv. Wings from this Small Wings.

Every owner can combine 1st. lv. Wings from Small Wings but there are few requirements. As we know 1st. Wings are made of Chaos Weapon, and Chaos Weapon is made from good, upgraded items, that's why there'll be a bit easier than in original mix, but not for free.

Here are the combination requirements:

ID. Name of Item Quantity
1. ije003_s.jpg Jewel Of Chaos 1
2. iwi002_s.jpg Small Wings (Any type) 1
3. QdENfzY.png Zen  2500000

There are 80% chances, that we'll get rewarded with random 1st. lv. Wings!

So it's not like in original where we need to upgrade the success chance with Jewels or Items, here it's 80% of Win every time!

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