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Guide for Talisman Book Transfer

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Here is a quick guide on how to correctly transfer your talisman book if your goal is to obtain the Ancient Grade costumes for your character. This guide is viable for 5 ticket usage:

 1. On your main character, upon obtaining talismans, right click of them and craft them into your book.
 2. On your alternative characters, upon obtaining talismans, just keep them in your inventory, you are going to use them later.
 3. Refer to the screenshots below, this is a menu of the Book Transfer Ticket item.
  -1.step you agree that the ticket will overwrite the existing book of your newly chosen character
  -2.step you choose which character you want to transfer the book with talismans from
  -3.step you choose which character you want to transfer the book to
  -4.step an overall confirmation of the the transfer after which the transfer process will proceed.
 4. On your alternative character you breakthrough all the talismans you got in possession in your inventory and storage.
 5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for the rest of your alternative characters.
 6. Level talismans up to level 40 and claim your new Ancient costumes in the Unit Book of Talisman menu. 


You can also refer to this video of the player.







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