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GM Event 27 June 2020

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Greetings Genesis Warriors, 

On Saturday June 27 2020 we will organize a pvp event (we never had one of those so it will be something either disasterous or OK), this event will be basically a series of 1v1 matches untill the last man stands, since the game has a lot of veterans already we made a set of rules to give everyone a equal chance on winning, those are the rules:

- The minimum CP to participate is 1.000.000 , the maximum CP to participate is 1.500.000 (so if your char is high in CP you need to find ways to lower it)

-Darklords are only allowed to duel with 2-hand weapons, in addition a Darklord will never duel another Darklord unless the final match is such

-If in the final match 2 Darklords are facing and neither of them win then they will both share the prize equally

-The GM will decide which will fight which so you will have to wait your turn

-No artefacts ! if during the match you are using an artefact you get disqualified instantly

-If the match is taking too long and neither of the players are being defeated then after 1 minute the GM will stop the match and decide which was the victorious one.


That would be all the rules of this event, it will take place in the city of Ethedrean in the central square https://i.gyazo.com/c9fc2d42e1af786fabcdca486fa852d5.png  

All the participants will receive rewards via mail soon after the event is over

The winner/winners will also receive they're rewards on mail soon after the event is over


See you there, yours trully, DrakkY

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