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General Alpha Rules - forums and server

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The official set of general rules for our server and forum

The following rules list and most serious violations:

1. No hacking - It is strictly forbidden not only to harm the community of Land Of Chaos, including the website and forum, but also prohibit activities that harm the users by own. Spamming, spoofing, and gaining benefits at the expense of others will be punishable by total lockout of your account and IP address.

2. No Discrimination - People should not be offended because of their religion, race, gender, political beliefs because it hurts not only the people we target but also other members of our community. LOC is a place where everyone is equal so discrimination will NOT be tolerated!

3. No intimidation - intimidation of other users is prohibited. This applies to every plane associated with the LOC community, not just the forum itself. Users have the right to report private messages, private chat and even messages from other forums.

4. No for Flaming - Flaming, sometimes called "war on insults" is a series of messages intentionally hostile or offensive. This is one of the biggest violations of netiquette.
Most often, "war" starts with the slight or extreme difference between the views of two users, none of whom intends to depart from his or her opinion and believeth to believe in its validity. For many people, the Internet is also a place to react to frustrations.

5. No for vulgarity or obscene content - Excessive cursing is prohibited. The other thing is swearing by a phone call or straight into the eyes, while everyone on the network has time to rethink the text he wrote. Before you send a message containing vulgaris several times, consider whether they fit in there.

6. Ban on Advertising - It is strictly forbidden to advertise anything that affects the development of the Land Of Chaos community. The forum is closely related to MUOnline and our private server so any negative content or advertising such as another server or server forum will be without notice / warning removed and its author will be rewarded with constant account lockout and IP.

7. No double posting or spamming - You can not post more than once in a row in the same thread. Duplicating a message in the same thread reduces the quality of the topic and shortens the first page where the most important messages may be.

8. No topic bumping - If the topic you created has no response, you can’t post there again unless you have created a thread because you need help, you can post it again, provided you add additional information about the issue (the fact that you really want to fix it does not count as additional information).

9. Do not post personal information - you can not put your name or address on LOC. Placing personal information, even in anger or controversy, can actually disrupt your private life.

10. Want to tell us about "leaving LOC"? - due to previous experience, not only in the forum but also in the game, we had to add this rule. It is strictly forbidden to write content that the user threatens or as they claim after the "informs" that due to the situation he is going to change the community or server to another. This does not apply to points. 5 and there is no relation to advertising. You may be temporarily disabled even if you do not include another server. This is considered to be a detriment to the community and the server.

Here are some suggestions for unintended situations and for those who want to avoid penalties.

Amendment 1 - There are no excuses for breaking the rules. It does not matter if you were angry then and did not think straight. It does not matter if you're just joking. If you break the rule, regardless of the reasons why you broke it, you will be penalized.

Amendment 2 - Administrative harassment with various, frequently rhetorical questions is not allowed. Administrators are trying their best to do their job, and many times they have to make difficult decisions. You can post your question in a thread provided that it does not start. flaming. If this thread gets out of control and all its structure is going to harm our community then it will be closed and your users who have shown no knowledge of the rules will be penalized. You must not threaten the administrators (or other members too).

Amendment 3 - Golden thoughts - it is not allowed to challenge the decisions of the administrators. Matters changed, updated or those that are to be introduced are closed. You can express your opinion on this subject, but it must involve a suggestion or ideas. It is not permissible to write texts that are known as "toxic" or messages that aim only to worsen / aggravate the situation in the forum or in the game.

Amendment 4 - We do not tolerate toxicity. Our society is small, so every attempt to worsen the prevailing atmosphere will be punished, not only by temporary blockades but also by permanent blockages irrespective of what the subject is concerned. Everyone must respect each other and all sent messages must be thought out and include a fraction of a suggestion or idea. We do not tolerate empty statements and spam.

Amendment 5 - the AT team is here alpha and omega. If you have asked a question to the AT team, and your AT team has responded optimally, do not try to delve into the subject too much. If the AT team is writing that "they are working on something" it simply means that we are working on something, if the admin refuses any suggestion it will not help here later to think, try to reach the goal. Regardless of the situation whether it concerns forums or server - AT team knows best what is happening and what has changed, do not try to prove that the AT team is wrong.

Alpha - Remember, the administration and the AT team are trying to make this small society function at a high level. The administration is working to make all changelogs of the forums or the game server and upload it for users. The administration does not conduct the community for profit purposes but only hobbies, each administration has its own private life, interest or family, and yet we are trying to fund the necessary tools through which we can play, write, talk and communicate.

Please - respect this.

Remember that you have accepted this forum after you have registered and you are obligated to follow it. If you disagree with the rules, then write a private message to the administration to remove your account.

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