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Chaos-Machine official rates

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Here’s the official info about Chaos Machine rates.
Please note that official information are here. Information from the machine in the game may be wrong!

Rates table for increasing the item level:

ID. Mix name (short) Item Level Success rate (maximum)
1. Chaos Mix - Item Level +10 60%
2. Chaos Mix - Item Level +11 50%
3. Chaos Mix - Item Level +12 45%
4. Chaos Mix - Item Level +13 40%
5. Chaos Mix - Item Level +14 30%
6. Chaos Mix - Item Level +15 It's magic!







3rd. Type Wings and required items:

ID. Mix name (short) Item Level Success rate (maximum)
1. Feather Of Condor Crafting - 45%
2. Flame Of Condor Hunting - Hunting (drop)
3. 3rd. lv. Wings Mix - 30%





Custom Items and more:

ID. Mix name Item Level Success rate (maximum)
1. Evolved Set Items +0 40%
2. Archangel accessory +0 35%
3. Archangel weapons +0 60%
4. Rare Pets (companions) +0 50%
5. Chaos Pets (companions) +0 35%
6. Invitations Exchange +0 45%
7. Alternative 1st. type Wings +0 70%
8. Some other crazy stuff - 0%









Custom Jewels mixes:

ID. Mix name Item Level Success rate (maximum)
1. Jewel Of Growth +0 20%
2. Jewel Of Optium +0 65%





To be continued, if topic will be updated, we will inform you about that.

Best Regards,

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