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New Archangel Weaponry Forging

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Put these items into the Chaos Machine to get a random Archangel Weapon. Items are random, you cant mix items for every class. It’s not possible to mix specific item for your class.

On Land Of Chaos there's Archangel Weapon for every class, what this means? There is custom Rage-Fighter set of gauntlets and custom Elf long-bow. For this moment, you can randomly get: AA Sword, AA Scepter, AA Staff, AA Gauntlet, AA Runeblade, AA Stick - AA Weapons for every class.

Recipe for forging Archangel Weapons:

ID. Item name Amount Success rate (maximum)
1. Archangel Soulshard 1 -
2. Chaos Weapon +9 +Option 1 -
3. Jewel Of Chaos 1 -
Reward Random AA Weapon 1 75%







1# Update for this feature:

For this moment every Weapon from above is available in-game. We've added additional Weapons about which WebZen had forgotten. Finally, thanks to that original Divine Weapons, every class can forge Absolute Divine Weaponry from Season 11.

Here some specified information about our Divine Weapons:

ID. Weapon name Dmg. min. Dmg. max Mag. %
1. Divine Sword of Archangel (DK) 109 134 -
2. Divine Blade of Archangel (MG) New 104 143 54%
3. Divine Staff of Archangel (SM) 45 70 60%
4. Divine Stick of Archangel (SU) 45 70 58%
5. Divine Scepter of Archangel (DL) 103 146 38%
6. Divine Bow of Archangel (Elf) New 151 204 -
7. Divine CrossBow of Archangel (Elf) 161 194 -
8.  Divine Gauntlet of Archangel (RF) New 119 138 -












and remember, Divine Mix will give you Random Divine Weapon!

Where can i get crafting materials?

  • Archangel Soulshard is dropping from all Elite Monsters only. That's a reward for activity. There's small chance to drop this item.
  • Steel Of Heaven is dropping from Grade IV Elite Monsters. There's more chance for the drop this item, but you need at least 10 of them.
  • Click here to read about Elite Monsters and rewards/locations.

Update #1

Divine Weapons don't have any requirements for stats or level, only class!
Divine Weapons main stats changed

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