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Lucky Coins Exchange (Delgado)

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Event aims to collect Coin of Luck that fall across the LOC-MU continent. There are 2 stages of use the Lucky Coin. You can get rewards for three amount of Lucky Coins collected and registered – 10 Lucky Coins, 20 Lucky Coins and 30 Lucky Coins and remember, the more Lucky Coins you’ll exchange at once – the greatest reward you’ll get from Delgado!

1st. stage – collect and “register” lucky coins in NPC Delgado
2nd. stage – “exchange” registered lucky coins in NPC Delgado

Lucky Coin Exchange:

10 Lucky Coins: Random invitation for any event (BC 0-8, DS 0-7, Kalima 0-7, Gaion Order, Mirror Of Dimensions)

20 Lucky Coins: Random Bundle Jewels 10x (Bless, Soul, Chaos) and small chance for items: Talisman Of Luck (5%)

30 Lucky Coins: Bundle Jewels 10x (Bless, Soul, Life, Creation, Chaos) and small chance for items: Talisman Of Luck (5-11%), Jewel Of Hope (+Luck), Jewel Of Skill (Add Skill) and Jewel Of Optium (100% life), Jewel Of Forge (+15), Talisman Of Chaos Assembly

NPC Delgado is standing in Devias. You can use the “TAB” key map to find out where Delgado is standing.
(NPC) Delgado can be found in Devias, before Quest Master.

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