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Latest update and Major Changes

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Hello everyone,

as you can see, we're still working on the website, forums and for sure - on our game server.

Some time ago we updated our server but unfortunately, update introduced a lot of other problems that could destroy the game. Of course, everything is fine at the moment and we're still looking for hidden bugs to give you most stable, long-life and enjoyable PVP (yes, full PVP) MUOnline adventure.

Here are some details about what has been changed in the last update:

  • Fixed problems with custom NPC's - they shouldn't make disconnects anymore
  • Fixed problems with Third Wings Mix - when mix is unsuccessful items are disapearing
  • Fixed Offline Mode - some SkillTree skills don't work correctly, everything is fine now
  • Fixed Party Search occasional disconnect and crash GS - fully fixed
  • Fixed new Bows and Crossbows support - now we can add some good stuff
  • Fixed MGBonusDefense - bad formula latest time, now MG is fully configurable and stable
  • Fixed Moss the Merachant location - now with configuration file - sometimes he was unclickable, now it's okay
  • Some small but important fixes in server files was made to improve stability

Here you can find some new info about latest update and our server status:

  • Added full support for Rage Fighter Gauntlets - now we can add some AA Gauntlets, what do you think about that?
  • Added Monster Spawn Custom - new events, spawning monsters from books etc. alot of fun
  • Added Buff Icon System - now every buffs are supported and are shown on the top-left in-game!
  • Added Crafting everywhere - run Chaos Machine from everywhere (new User Control Panel function)
  • New recoded User Control Panel - faster, better and more flexible
  • New Offline Mode Restore System - reconnect automatically when account is disconnected with no reason
  • New Quest System - you can get additional Points (into stats) for doing Quests - more info. soon

Some disabled things:

  • Reset System - no needed anymore
  • Grand Reset System - same here, we're doing other stuff
  • Chaos Reset Token - yeah... love you all but nope, not for now :)

Wait for more informations soon, we've got alot of work to totally reconfigure the server type into PVP.

New changelog that what changes we made in-game will be available soon. Follow us on forums, join, test and more. We want to make everyone happy so every discussion here will be great.

With Love,


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It's a great idea to add some weapons for  RF. Especially if you compare the diversity of weapons for

other character classes and for RF. I am afraid that ( Yes, I know that the final server settings

are not specified yet. ) considering the fact that most of the skills for this character class,

as well, as the character itself, are available from high lvl- at the theoretical level of exp in LoC server.

This may cause a small interest among the players that will play as RF, and very large disproportions

in terms of time in reaching the maximum level.
However , I am looking forward to the final information about the server settings.


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A oto wersja w j. Polskim:




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