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New Absolute Divine Weaponry Forging

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The most powerfull Weaponry in MUOnline world is here, in Land Of Chaos. Especially for our players we've made complately new mix system which will give you chance to upgrade your Divine Weaponry.

The new thing, better than in original, is that the every class got own weapon. Absolute Runeblade? Ok, you can get if from Divine Blade, you wish to make Absolute Gauntlets? Super, no problem, you can do that on Land Of Chaos only.

All custom weapons for Divine and Absolute are unique and original!

If you want to make Absolute Divine Weapon you need to make 2 mixes:

  • Craft Archangel's Hammer (material is needed to make Absolute Divine)
  • Use Archangel's Hammer in 2nd stage as material item to upgrade your original Divine Weapon


1# STAGE [1] Recipe for forging Archangel's Hammer

ID. Item name Amount Success rate (Maximum)
1. Steel Of Heaven 10 -
2. Jewel Of Bless Bundle 10 -
3.  Jewel Of Soul Bundle 10 -
4. Jewel Of Chaos 1 -
5. Jewel Of Creation 1 -
6. Jewel Of Guardian 1 -
Reward Archangel's Hammer 1 90%












2# STAGE [2] Recipe for forging Absolute Weapon (class)

Most important thing here is that if you'll use Divine Sword - you'll gain Absolute Divine Sword, no random weaponry. It's like upgrade, so if you're using Divine Bow - you'll get Absolute Divine Bow.

ID. Item name Amount Success rate (Maximum)
1. Divine Weapon +11 +12 (JOL) 1 -
2. Jewel Of Bless Bundle 10 -
3.  Jewel Of Soul Bundle 10 -
4. Jewel Of Life 10 -
5. Jewel Of Chaos 1 -
6. Archangel's Hammer 1 -
Reward Absolute Divine Weapon 1 70%












Weapons and info for this feature:

We've added additional Weapons about which WebZen had forgotten. Finally, thanks to that original Divine Weapons, every class can forge Absolute Divine Weaponry from Season 11.

Here some specified informations about our Divine Weapons:

ID. Weapon name Dmg. min. Dmg. max Mag. %
1. Absolute Divine Sword of Archangel (DK) 135 149 -
2. Absolute Divine Blade of Archangel (MG) New 145 165 59%
3. Absolute Divine Staff of Archangel (SM) 55 80 63%
4. Absolute Divine Stick of Archangel (SU) 55 80 61%
5. Absolute Divine Scepter of Archangel (DL) 147 162 44%
6. Absolute Divine Bow of Archangel (Elf) New 194 224 -
7. Absolute Divine CrossBow of Archangel (Elf) 204 219 -
8.  Absolute Divine Gauntlet of Archangel (RF) New 136 148 -












and remember, Absolute Mix will give you exactly same class weapon upgrade like you use in Chaos Machine.

Where i can get crafting materials?

  • Archangel Soulshard is dropping from all Elite Monsters only. That's an reward for activity. There's small chance to drop this item.
  • Steel Of Heaven is dropping from Grade IV Elite Monsters. There's more chance for drop this item, but you need atleast 10 of them.
  • Click here to read about Elite Monsters and rewards / locations.

Update #1

Absolute Divine Weapons don't have any requirements for stats or level, only class!
Absolute Divine Weapons main stats changed

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