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Divine and Absolute Weaponry update

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most of you know that we were working in latest edition on Divine Weapons for every class. At the moment everything is working correctly so we just add new Blade for Magic Gladiator, Bow for Elf and Glove for Rage Fighter.

Divine Sword Of Archangel Divine Staff Of Archangel Divine Crossbow Of Archangel Divine Scepter Of Archangel Divine Stick Of Archangel Divine Blade Of Archangel Divine Bow Of Archangel Divine Glove Of Archangel







uZ3bPcX.png 6bFysSz.png
NHTiayV.png BDOiDkS.png Afkiwbe.png YJyRTU3.png q39zDcn.png UaP3oZY.png swoNDe9.png NxB3hzX.png
Absolute Divine Sword Of Archangel Absolute Divine Staff Of Archangel Absolute Divine Crossbow Of Archangel Absolute Divine Scepter Of Archangel Absolute Divine Stick Of Archangel Absolute Divine Blade Of Archangel Absolute Divine Bow Of Archangel Absolute Divine Glove Of Archangel

As you can see only in Land Of Chaos, every class has got own Divine and Absolute Weapon. Those Weapons are obtainable only from Chaos Machine Mixes. Recipes and requirements can be found here, on our forums in Guides category or in the links below.

"Divine Weaponry Materials information" - here's everything you should know about materials needed for Chaos Machine Mix like where it drops and what for you will need them.

And remember, we're still in-game and the server is online so at this time we want to make best PVP server ever made with original and custom features - most of them unique.

Follow our forums, find us in-game, join, test and have fun.

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