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Mining System - new upgrade

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Greetings Mu Lovers,

"Mining Hunt System" is another addition to the active part of the community which will allow us to get some extra stones for ... a little bit of activity, and more specifically for exploring subsequent maps.

On every map, apart from Icarus, Kalima and Event maps from time to time, can appear  so-called the "Goblin Miner". It is the Goblin traitor escaped from Goblin Mine which will appear in random parts of the map. On larger maps, i.e. Dungeon (1-3), LostTower (1-7), Tarkan, Aida, Karutan, Vulcanus, we can find up to 4 of those goblins.

Goblin Miner, will give us a chance to extract max. 3 packages of deposits. What are these packages? The packages are made of Jewels, uncut with stone which will be separated in the "Chaos Machine", that is at Goblins in Noria. Finally you will find 5 types of such packages namely Bless Ore, Soul Ore, Chaos Ore, Creation Ore and Life Ore.

Finally Goblin Miner gives us the chance to extract 3 packs of deposits, 55% chance for each of them, also there may be cases that nothing will fall out of the stone - in the case of our bad luck and that they will send 3 packages of stone.

Below is other info about this function

  • Bless Ore, Soul Ore and Chaos Ore are basic deposits, the chances that such a package will be 60%
  • Creation Ore and Life Ore are rare deposits, a chance that such a package will reach 40%
Goblin Miner
Bless Ore Soul Ore Chaos Ore Creation Ore Life Ore
kRINLuw.png 0UHOrou.png jh0ClVr.png b4BLZ9R.png


We are hope you enjoy the system.

Your sincerely,
LoC Team.

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Below I'll show a couple of examples how it's work in the game:





After finding Goblin Miner on one of the maps above, we are  going to Noria to use it in Chaos Machine.



after a few seconds we are happy to have e.g a Jewel of Soul or if you're lucky a Bundled.

It's works exactly the same with Bless Ore, Soul Ore and Chaos Ore.




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Update #1

  • Added HP-Bar Green color and "Goblin Nation tag"
  • Rezised model a bit, to make it more realistic
  • Goblin Miner is killable from lv. 1 - low stats and HP


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