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Update #1 to date 15.04.2018

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here's some informations about changes to this time. 


  • New launcher with auto-updater and force files check (RSS feed and settings for resolutions, sound and c. depth)


  • New website engine and template
  • New event timer and marketplace modules
  • New LOC logo, website design and animated header


  • Categories refresh and re-order
  • New header, font style and colours remake

In-game engine

  • New horizontal in-game menu - for settings, party maker and more
  • New module - ExBank (store most important items and values in hidden account bank with commands)
    • /sendzen XXX - send Zen (amount) into ExBank
    • /sendbless XXX - send Jewel Of Bless into ExBank
    • /sendsoul XXX - send Jewel Of Soul into ExBank
    • /sendlife XXX - send Jewel Of Life into ExBank
    • /sendcreation XXX - send Jewel Of Creation into ExBank
    • /sendchaos XXX - send Jewel Of Chaos into ExBank
    • /recv(item) XXX - transfer value or item from ExBank (item - zen, bless, soul, life, creation, chaos) into equipment backpack
  • New module - Craft Everywhere - no more TP to Noria, now you can make Chaos Mixes everywhere 
  • New server select and character select screens - remake from higher seasons
  • New interface buttons - work in progress but for this moment it's on hold
  • New horizontal UI - clean and simple, in MUO style
  • New Elite Monsters function - find strong monsters on every map and get rewards
  • New Goblin Miner function - find Goblin Miners, kill them and pick-up Ores
  • New Archangel Weaponry - unique lacking items for every class (AA Bow, AA Gauntlets, AA Runeblade)
  • New Absolute Archangel Weaponry - system from higher seasons but with lacking items (AAA Bow, AAA Gauntlets, AAA Runeblade)
  • New BuffInfo system - now you can see for how much long buff will be active
  • New BuffInfo_Party system - you can see which party member got buff and for how much

Maps in-game

  • Elbeland remake - no more slow walking throught starter bridges - there're teleports *minimap remake included
  • Lorencia remake - new, better Lorencia layout with battle-ring inside *minimap remake included
  • Noria remake - new and better Noria design *minimap remake included
  • Tarkan remake - no more slow walking to battle-zone, there're teleports *minimap remake included
  • Devias remake - new, better Devias Town with battle ring and extra exits from Devias 2 and 3 *minimap remake included
  • New NPC's - Potion Girl and Vault Keeper is now almost on every map

In-game configuration

  • Reconfigured starter maps - warp from 0 lv. for free to Lorencia, Noria and Elbeland. Start everywhere you want
  • Reconfigured monsters strenght and respawn time for every map
  • Reconfigured shops for hard-mode - PVP server
  • Reconfigured NPC's and positions - on every map
  • Reconfigured "Event Square" map, now you can find here evert Quest/Event NPC
  • Reconfigured requirements for characters creation:
    • Magic Gladiator creation lvl. - 100 lv. on first character
    • Dark Lord creation lvl. - 150 lv. on first character
    • Rage Fighter creation lvl. - 170 lv. on first character
  • Reconfigured and added special boxes - Heart Of Love, Firecracker, Silver Medal, Golden Medal

Fixes and misc's

  • Fixed problems with custom NPC's - they shouldn't make disconnects anymore
  • Fixed problems with Third Wings Mix - when mix is failed, items are disapeared
  • Fixed Offline Mode - some SkillTree skills don't work correctly, everything fine now
  • Fixed Party Search occasional disconnect and crash GS - fully fixed
  • Fixed new Bows and CrossBows support - now we can add some good stuff
  • Fixed MGBonusDefense - bad formula latest time, now MG is fully configurable and stable
  • Fixed Moss Marechant location - now with configuration file - sometimes he was un-clickable, now it's ok
  • Some small but important fixes in server files was made, to improve stability
  • Added full support for Rage Fighter Gauntlets - now we can add some AA Gauntlets, what do you think?
  • Added Monster Spawn Custom - new events, spawning monsters from books etc. alot of fun
  • New Offline Mode Restore System - reconnect automatically when account is disconnected with no reason
  • New Quest System - you can get additional Points (into stats) for doing Quests - more info. soon

To be continued

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