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Changelog v. 1.0.9 due date 23.10.2018

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Changelog # Version 1.0.9  #23.10.2018

Ingame fixes and changes:

  • Fixed wrong Sheilds and Option tooltips for items,
  • Started to develop Pentalismans System
  • Added 5 new pentalismans, they're Idols. Charms and Relic replacements,
  • Original Pentagrams was remade for 1x1 block to don't waste space in inventory,
  • Configured Pentalismans bonus options,
  • Configured Pentalismans tooltips, and indo,
  • Added New Pentalismans Mixing materials, 5 new "Mythril Cores",
  • Configured Mythril Cores tooltips and info,

To be continued.

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