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Changelog v. 1.1.1 due date 01.11.2018

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Changelog # Version 1.1.1  #01.11.2018

Ingame fixes and changes:

  • Added new Pentalisman Boxes (5 new Boxes),
  • Added Pentalismans Boxes tooltips,
  • Completed Pentalismans Mix in Chaos Machine,
  • Tested and implemented new Pentalismans Mix (Pentalisman, Cores, Boxes)
  • Fixed Mythril Cores, now properly looking in inventory window and on the ground,
  • Fixed Mythril Cores, now correspond to the assigned Pentalismans - same with Boxes,
  • Fixed Pentalismans, now showing original buff info,
  • Configured Item Bags, boxes now drops original Pentalismans with duration,
  • Item Bags already live in-game,
  • Pentalismans system almost finished,

To be continued.

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