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Guide for Darklords in the 85 Epics

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Important Talismans: Quadro, Kali, Linda(or Kraemten), Baraex
Artifact: Fallen Will


Abyss Floor 1:

After the DPS classes clear the first room with Invisibility Statues, they wait there while DL moves forward to next room.
In the next room DL moves around and gathers the mobs for roughly 30 seconds and then pulls them all together and casts Kali talisman for dps to pretect them from water ghost.
Next room DL goes forward to the middle of the room and uses Quadro to gather all mobs in the middle for the DPS to quickly kill them. (if DPS can't do that) DL should pull the mobs out of the room little by little untill only the key mobs are left.
Next room DL goes forward and tries to aggro the mobs inside and pull them out of the invisibility aura towards the DPS so they can kill them. Repeat the process for the next 2 rooms.
On the final room, next to the boss entrance, DL goes in first, uses Baraex to protect himself from fire, and pulls the lever in the room to clear the path for DPS and pulls the mobs for DPS to clear.

Boss Room:

DL moves forward, while DPS wait and the spawn point, and starts pulling mobs to the middle of the rooms. Use Baraex for extra protection if DL feels overwhelmed my mobs.
Hold the mobs for 40 seconds, or untill the Great Oblivion explosion mobs appear, and then proceed to move them all to the left side of the boss room and hold them while the DPS kill the boss.


Abyss Floor 2:

At the start, DPS classes wait at the spawn point while DL goes forward alone to the first room.
At first room DL should spawn all the mobs by going all the way around the room(recommend 2 times to make sure), hitting every single statue to trigger mobs spawn and move them all next to the entrance and cast Kali on DPS to protect them from Water Ghost. After mobs are dead DL should wait in the middle of the room while DPS will take care of statues and hidden levers. Make sure you do it in time to unlock shortcut since extra rooms will be a waste of talismans.
After that DL waits in the middle of the room for the last wave of mobs spawns and pull them to the newly opened gate. Use Kali because the Chaotic mobs are actually water ghosts.
Next move to the room where there are 2 statues on the sides, ignoring the mobs on the path, dps will deal with them. After DL moves to each of the statues and hits them to spawn the mobs, after that group them in the middle for DPS to kill.
Next room DL moves forward to aggro all the mobs up untill the gate and then moves back with them and pulls next to the stairs. Save the talismans since DPS can use baraex to kill that wave.
Next room, DL should go alone first, go all they way around the room, hit every single statue to spawn the mobs, aggro the bosses(Larva King and Glasha) and pull them all to the entrance to previous room for DPS to kill.
Next step in the same room, help the dps to destroy the statues with fiery chains. When 1 statue is left, DL should move to the last room with the last boss and use quadro to pull the mobs and break the shield of the mini boss faster for DPS to kill.

Boss Room:

DL moves forward and since the boss is spawning first, just move in and use Quadro to break the shield of the boss faster and DPS will do quick work of the him.


Steel Shell:

Important Talismans: Quadro, Linda, Deathroar, Baraex(it can be changed to anything)

DL moves in first to the middle of the room and uses Quadro talisman to pull all surrounding mobs. With the use of "Vicious Charge" skill, takes the aggro of the bosses and holds them.
If bosses don't die after first shield break, DL moves down and uses Death Roar to assist DPS classes with cooldown resets. DL must not use Quadro anymore since bosses heal by consuming surrounding mobs.


Special thanks to @ChaosAngel for helping me with this guide. Enjoy Warriors.

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