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Patch Notes 23.08.2020

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Ice Wall(soulstone effect): Reduced the cooldown from 22 seconds to 13 seconds
Increased the first hit damage to 1000% 
Increased the freezing time from 2 seconds to 3 seconds

Ruffian Sword(soulstone effect): Reduced the cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
Increased the damage from 725% to 825%

Hallucinatory Infection: 
Increased the damage from 610% to 1200% 

Binding Blizzard: Increased the damage from 167% to 500% 

Protective Barrier(with and without soulstone) : Decreased the cooldown from 25 seconds to 18 seconds
Increased the skill damage from 215% to 300%

Illusionary Rampage(with and without soulstone): Increased the skill damage from 325% to 375%

Destruction Tremor (with soulstone): Damage increase from 155% to 500% 
Fire Burst (with and without soulstone): Damage increase from 735% to 900%
Eternal Flames (with and without soulstone Avalanchera):  Damage increased from 55%/66% to 400%
Follower's Spirit(with and without betty soulstone): Damage Increase from 235% to 600% 

Smokescreen(with soulstone): Damage increased from 195% to 450%
Torment Magnetic Field(without soultone): Damage increased from 365% per hit to 530% per hit

Fixed the bug with Tall soulstone where it didn't displayed the "1400% damage" after equiping

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