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Main forums and game regulations

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You accepted these rules just after successfully account registration. If want decline these rules just write to us about deleting your account.

These rules will be respected not only at the forum and game level but on every official Land Of Chaos content, like server advertisements on different boards, other private servers, and on every content which refers to MUOnline: Land Of Chaos project.

Permanently banned from forums & game

These rules are main and general but elastic for sure, so these simple rules can be used on different situations. Don't try to broke one of these because your account will be banned forever on forums, in-game, website and will be completely disabled even for future. (HWID)

  1. Don't try to advertise any of private servers, no matter what game or configuration.
  2. Don't use any exploits like hacks, speed hacks, editors etc. every cheating attempt will be instantly banned. Every data of person banned, like account login, characters nicknames, IP and more can be shared to 3rd. part anti-cheat systems which will help this community to stay fair-play. We don't do this with any other situations.
  3. Don't try to insult administration, we know that some peoples can be better administrators then our team, but for this moment, you're on our project forums, using our game-client, and registering on our website, so if you want to show us how much you're right just start your own game-server and leave this community. Every insult can be banned without any warning. 
  4. Don't try to say goodbye, if you want to leave the community with "boom" and some comment about what is wrong here, what should be done and why you're not playing anymore then you'll get permanently banned forever and your post will be deleted.
  5. Do not pretend to be a man from the future, there's a lot of peoples which are saying "ok, you'll see, I'm giving X months for these project", "server like any other, will die soon", "you'll remember my words" and more of that. We're not doing it here, just please - no.

Banned for 24/72 hours, or more


Banned for 24 hours


Muted on Chatbox and Forums 
(your posts will need the approval of moderator)

ChatBox is like spam-area, sure we can reply there faster and talk with you but if someone is requesting here for the change, update or reporting a bug it's going out of control. Remember to review all categories before posting on ChatBox, chatbox can't be exchanged with BugTracker or Questions board and messages here are getting forgotten very fast so we can't remember all things from there.

  1. If you're spamming in language different then English.
  2. If your replies or answers are useless and not even funny.
  3. If you're not posting the threads in specified categories.

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