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WarMage balance suggestions poll

WarMage Balance  

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  1. 1. What changes will be the best for WarMage?

    • Decrease the Ruffian's Sword casting time (faster drop)
    • Decrease the Meteor Drop casting time (faster drop)
    • Decrease Cooldown for Ice Wall - 22 > 17 sec.
    • Change the first hit of the Ice Wall to 1480% and the second to 595%
    • Return the Invisible to the time it was before latest ticks
    • Increase movement speed after using Full Throttle skill
    • Increase damage for Ruffian's Sword skill
    • Increase Meteor Drop range - 17m > 18m
    • Increase Fire Curtain damage - 405% > 705%

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i've collected most specific suggestion about WarMage class skills balance.

Please select top suggestions that in your opinion will improve WarMage PVP and PVE gameplay.

also thanks goes to all WarMages :ihaa1:

Thanks in advance!

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Picking one will not change as much to WarMosquito. The kda ratio of Wm should be improved and be comparable to the other classes. that being said, it is strongly needed to put all the ideas listed there and ofc it was not only Jimzu and Fatal that pushed upon the matter. It is all WM that raised their voices, so please remove the special thanks, as it is a total discrimination to all WM out there!!! 

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Tsunami red flames - Neklhokhan soulstone

Damage and additional range of damage increased by 40%


Meteor drop - orman's furious

Change the dmg to 1750% and stun effect , add 1 meteor more.

can better change soul stone effects.

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Increase movement speed after using Full Throttle skill - 40% increase and 4 sec duration:  Like this will also have a permanent speed buff like the BP, WH, SB, BL
Glacier Prison - Reduce the invincibility to 2 sec and change the immobilization to slow or leave it like that but change so we can at least attack in that state, 
Specter Shield- Change the duration of the shield to 5sec, and change the type of shield to the same as Iron Armor but reduce the absortion to 60%? or one that only work agains mobs so stay as a pve skill?  , the one it has now is shit only absorb 40% of 1 hit, wtf is that?- also maybe a inmune of 3 sec to abnormal status effect in this or any other skill would be nice for the wm 😄
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