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[ENG] MU Balance Strategy Announcement

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Hello mumu's,

We are implementing a new strategy moving forward for how we deal with balance decisions.   We will be collecting player suggestions for a set period of time on the forums, after this we will lock the thread, and hold a poll to find the community's opinion.    Poll results are not a guaranteed change, but they do offer valuable information to assist the administration team.   This is a much better platform to consolidate information and provide a more efficient balance process since discord is prone to changes and data loss.  

If you want your suggestions to be heard, they must be posted to the forum!

That being said,  with the current balance patch being worked on primarily involving WM changes our current timeline is as follows:

1.  Collect poll results.
2.  During the upcoming carribean event, we will discuss and test the changes internally.
3.  The balance patch will be applied after the event or after testing has been completed if this comes first.

We know WM has been very frustrated in the current patch, and rest assured we are working to the best of our abilities to resolve this issue to create a better environment for our players. 

We ask that you have patience and understanding that these things take a little time with the resources we have.   There's a lot of exciting things happening with Genesis and ask that you continue to support and drive the development in this great community going forward.



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