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Mu Genesis General Guide by Algorythm

What is the best way to level to 85 for a new player?

Following all the yellow (story) quests will take you to 85 without needing to do any blue quests.   You will want to finish all the yellow quests even once you hit 85 to trigger the Talisman quests for 83 Epic dungeons.  Using this method, you should have a max level character in under 8 hours.
The other method requires having friends with spare Porystal 5(From goblin cube) keys to open for you.   This is the preferred method for alternate characters.  First level your character to level 10, then have your friend open these dungeons for you.  In roughly 10-11 entries, your character will be level 65.  At this point you should start with the Noria story quests until you hit 70.  At this point you have 2 options, if you have friends that can carry you in airship 2.  Do this until level 80, finish the Noria quest line to unlock the secondary area in Litenberg where you can do story quests until you are done.

Once completing all your yellow quests, you are now ready to find parties to do 83 epics every day.  Additionally, immediately upon finishing, complete Linda’s guide for all the goodies.   After completing, you should be over soul level 300 and can begin the rebirth questline.  This quest will be available in Noria -> Rest Guard Camp to the south by a cave.
After your first rebirth, memory imprint quests will be unlocked which are accessible through the soul box window -> Memory imprint button.  After your 2nd rebirth and completing all the 1st rebirth memory imprint quests, you may begin on the 2nd rebirth memory imprint quests.   These give permanent passive stats to your character.

What is the most efficient path to having a strong character?

Besides gear, the most important aspects of a character include the talisman book level, talismans, and rewards from talisman collection (Costumes and wings).  These costumes are mandatory for PvP play and incredibly useful for PvE.  The talisman, particularly Pabillune, Death Roar, Zakarian, Kali, Kraemton,and Quadro, are mandatory for 85 epic dungeons.  Without having some of these maxed, it is entirely impossible to complete.   There are two options to achieve these things, either pay a lot of money to open talisman boxes or go the traditional route of doing talisman(T) quests on main + 4 alternate characters within the same account.   These quests are a real grind, but it is possible to get all the talisman listed and the rest of the ancients in approximately 6 weeks.   In each alt, you want to target the talisman quest lines that reward the important talisman as you need 5 copies of each talisman to reach max breakthrough.   It will be a painful period, but after this you are done and rest easy in the end game and work on other aspects of your character.

[Link to important talisman guide] Complete all these quest lines as needed so you have a total of 5 copies.  You will notice some of the quests require book level 4,5, and 8 to activate.  The strategy for this is to use one copy of Baerex obtained from Linda guide(Since you will get a total of 2 per character, one from quest and one from Linda, so you can spare 1 from each to use for leveling the book prior to transfer)  You can also use all of your common, uncommon, and perhaps some rare talisman to get to book 5 in order to unlock the Pabilune quest.   For Book 8, and the Targash/Kaziel quest, save this for when you transfer your book to each alt as you will waste too many important talisman trying to get it before.   Once you complete these quests and used all of your cores, you may transfer to the next character.

 Save all your talisman cores on your alternate characters! Once completing all the talisman quests on your alts(other than Targash/Kaziel), you will purchase talisman transfer tickets, one for each character.  Only after you have transferred your book to a specific alt, will you use your talisman cores and level them with whatever character binding materials you have as high as possible.  Once you are done transferring to each alt and using your cores etc, you may transfer back to your main and voila you are done.  If you choose to do all ancient quests on all characters, you should be able to achieve Book level 30 once your talisman are all leveled. 

Note: Do not collect talisman rewards on your alts as some of these are character binding, wait till you have fully transferred back to your main character before collecting.

What is the best way of obtaining legendary imprints, crests, bless, and golden bless?

Mu Genesis has a very generous calendar rewards program, because of this nearly all players opt for creating multiple accounts to help fuel their main, usually 5 or more.  Login these alt accounts once each day to collect rewards which usually include all the listed items.   Reminder to make the character in your alt accounts the same as your main so you can collect crests of your class.
Regarding imprints, you can transfer imprints by buying uncommon gear from the merchants in Ohrdor, mailing it to your alt accounts to try to get legendary imprints on, mail back to main, and use the transfer merchant to get on the item of your choice.
What are skill crests and how do they work?
Skill crests provide additional stats when using the skills they are applied to.   Most crests cannot overcap a player.  For example, defense penetration has a maximum value of 100%, if you have a base of 95% and a 10% defense pen crest on a skill, it won’t allow you to pass this 100% cap.  However, there are a couple that are known to overcap including critical rate and MP cost reduction.  Because of this, it’s always good to have these crests on skills you use often.   Legendary crests, the current maximum level, are obtainable through crafting and crest boxes from calendar, Linda’s guide, and the dice event.  Lower tier crests mostly come from Linda’s guide rewards and are a temporary step till you fill out your board with Legendary versions.

What are artifacts and how do they work?

Artifacts provide a special bonus to your character when in use and each has specific benefits.  They can be leveled up through Lupa’s Labyrinth and pills acquired in various ways including Ohrdor merchant, Linda’s guide, events, achievements and more.  Often their use is situational and are changed between running different content depending on the need. 
There are 2 versions, regular and awakened artifacts.  Crafting the awakened version requires 5 awakened essence and 10 awaken fragments.  This is obtainable by using the alchemy merchant to alchemize level 100 basic artifacts of the same type to get the essences, and the fragments are primarily obtained from higher level awaken lupa(21+) and using the dracansor merchant to buy daily.  Luckily, Linda’s guide provides you with the resources to craft your first ones.
Artifacts are limited to PVE use and will not take effect inside of PVP arenas such as 3v3 and guild war.

What are talisman and how do they work?

Talisman are a critical component of PVE and are acquired through calendar, talisman core boxes from various sources, and by doing (T) blue quests.  See the path guide above for more specifics on efficiently obtaining them. 
Talisman are able to be used in specific dungeons where allowed and offer a huge and necessary boost in order to complete the dungeons and is why they are critically important in the later stages of the game.
Talisman must not only be obtained but leveled as well.  You can level them through soul fragments and most of the materials in the game as well.
Talisman have situational use as there is no one talisman to rule them all.   
Talisman also are the method to increase book level, giving passive stats for the character for each new book level reached.
Once acquired, talisman cores require certain resources to breakthrough (multiple copies till the last level is reached, 5 copies total for each talisman).   This are shown when you right click the core and attempt to add to the book.
Talisman are restricted to PVE, cannot be used in PVP except for chaos castle where everyone is able to use.  While the talisman are restricted, the passive bonuses from book level remain for all content.
What are pets and how do they work?
Pets are a feature that increase a player’s stats in specific areas dependent upon the pets used.  Each pet’s unique capabilities are viewable by hovering over their icon.   
Pets can be leveled to +10 of each respective tier via having them summoned under “growth pet” section of the pet menu.  Pets can be both used and grown at the same time.   Once they reach +10 of their respective tier, they need to be tiered up by foddering another pet of the same tier +10 up to the maximum Tier5.  Each tier increases the stats gained from pets.  
There is one companion pet, and up to 4 summoned pets.   The companion pet gives the pet’s listed basic stats, and the summoned pets give their comrade bonus.  Pet’s do not give both bonus types at once, only one or the other depending where it is placed in the pet lineup.
Additionally, acquisition of pets contributes to the pet collection bonus.  There are 3 groups of pets, and each group provides their own passive bonuses from acquiring the different pets within.   Leveling the pets in each group also contributes to the group stage (amount of bonus) and the number of different pets in the group unlocks the different bonus types.
Until getting the ancient pets from legend shop, the goblin pet is the best primary one to use.
What are imprints(on gear) and how do they work?
Imprints are additional stats placed on armor/accessory/weapon pieces between common and legendary grade.  The stats given from using each scroll are randomly generated with a set constraint.  
Due to the exponential growth of stats of legendary grade, it’s very important to get imprints to this level.
Whenever an imprint scroll is used, a random stat or combination of stats is given on the item.   Using an imprint scroll does not bind the item to the character.  

Scrolls are in 3 tiers:
Uncommon imprint scrolls – Gives common imprint stat, and a chance at upgrading the stat to uncommon.
Blue imprint scrolls – Gives uncommon imprint stat, and a chance at upgrading the stat to rare.
Red imprint scrolls – Gives rare imprint stat, and a chance at upgrading to heroic, and from heroic to legendary.

Because of this, it’s important before using higher grade imprint scrolls, always start with uncommon until the imprint is upgraded to uncommon grade, then start using blue scrolls until the imprint is upgraded to rare.  At this point you need to use red scrolls to have a chance in upgrading to heroic, and from heroic to legendary.   Once you achieve each grade, you retain the grade and any scrolls used after this point change the stats randomly.
There are also Red shining scrolls, these scrolls allow you to keep the previous roll if the one rolled isn’t to your liking.  Regular scrolls change the stats regardless of if they are better or worse and you cannot go back.
Red shining scrolls are also the material used in the imprint transfer merchant to transfer an imprint from one piece of gear to another in legendary grade.    When you use this merchant to transfer, the grade is retained, but the stats rolled are randomly changed.  For example, if you transfer a legendary imprint from one piece of gear and it has 500 attack before transfer, after transferring it will be a random roll but it will retain the legendary grade.


What is rebirthing and how does it work?

Rebirthing allows a character to access that level of rebirths soul box up to a maximum of 500 points per level.   There is a rebirth quest that pops up after the player has reached soul level 300 of each tier.   
Each rebirth offers a big boost in stats and additional points into the previous tier, because of this it’s a top priority to rebirth as soon as you hit soul level 300.   
1st rebirth quest begins near a cave south of the rest guard camp teleport point in Crescent Island, Noria.   2nd Rebirth begins in Sapentia Library, Noria town. 
Each rebirth tier also opens the memory imprint quests associated with them.  The memory imprint quest box can be viewed by the Memory Imprint button inside the soul box window. 

What are bracelets and how do I unlock the slot?

Bracelets act as another accessory, but requires a chain of events to unlock the slot.
83 epic yellow quests need to be completed
(T) Quest for Gabriella needs to be completed, to unlock this you must:
Complete (T) Death Roar quest, this is available after finishing Dracansor main story yellow quests in temple.
Regular blue quest needs to be completed, Groanz NPC at Wellspring Haven, near Idrell Farm.  After finishing, you will get Gabriella (T) quest from him.
 After completing these, the bracelet quest will be available near the Ark entrance.
The bracelet quest gives you an ancient bracelet, which you can use or wait for the higher grade mythic and unique bracelets.   Mythics are available as a random drop in 85 epics, and craftable with materials from these epics.  Unique bracelet is obtainable only via Luery’s board as a rare roll.  
Bracelets come with a random fixed main stat, Attack, Soul EXP, Defense, HP, and Crit Damage.  In addition to the main stat there are 4 slots in which you can place which stats you want with Bracelet order scrolls.  These can be obtained from 85 epics, calendar reward and Luery’s board.
Each slot has a maximum number of attempts at placing a stat before you are left with whatever the last roll was.   Mythic have maximum of 7, unique is 15.   When using a scroll on a bracelet slot, it has a chance at failure or success with a random value of the order stat upon success.   For example, a legendary Soul exp order scroll has a range of 42.68%-100% value placed upon success.   You can keep rolling for better values up to the maximum number of attempts listed above.   However, if you keep rolling and succeed, even with a lower value than previous you are stuck with the new value.  There is no current way of keeping existing rolls as a fallback in case the new value is less, unlike how shining imprints work on gear.   
Once you roll a specific stat type in a slot, you must keep this stat type, but are able to keep rolling for values of the same type.  For example, if you roll HP in a slot, but decide later you’d rather have attack, this is impossible.  All you can do is roll for higher value of HP.  
Each slot in a bracelet must be of different stat types, no multiples.

What is Luery’s board?

This is a bingo type game available with random items in each square.  There is a list of all possible items in the board window under “List of main items”.  
You can refresh the board 3 times per week and resets at 5AM Thursday, server time.   Each refresh generates a random assignment of items in the board.
Each roll requires Luery’s tokens, with an increasing token amount for each subsequent roll. 
To fully clear a board, it requires about 320 tokens.   These tokens are obtainable from daily login platinum rewards, calendar, dice event, and 85 epic drops.
Since the board will be reset every week, you must complete or lose the potential items upon reset.  
The best items currently are the unique bracelets, nightmare costume, duck mount, and a few talisman only obtainable via this board.   For a new player, the optimal strategy is to save your tokens until you get a bracelet roll on the board.  For other players it is up to you what items you value.
There are also Kilops ancient talisman on the board, but due to the weekly GM event, these are easily obtainable this way, so it’s advised not to waste tokens on them here.


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