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I don't really know but you mean but if you mean Awakened Lupa boost then i'm in.

Lupa is probably only place where we can somehow "farm" EXP, but with actual rates it's pretty useless after we hit 100 lv. Awakened Artifact.

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If they buff lupa , maybe i'll be back in genesis , i get bored of this game because of  the lupa rewards in mukler inside lupa and they buffed a lot of the pvp rewards and no lupa coin npc good itens to buy ... they only created a '' almost useless '' Sprout Potion . Lupa needs a xp Fix and this is the only way that i used to leveling up to enter there and level up infinity  as i did in the old mu , all the dgs in this game are limited entrances and i was a player that used to love to ranking ladder in this game , something that i did a lot in diablo 2 because of the leadder reset ranking that resets in few and few months .

Att : Larvita / Mzulbler / Shall

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